The XL Problems With The Keystone Pipeline Essay

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The XL Problems With The Keystone Pipeline

In 2015, the people of the world face a vast amount of dilemmas. From with where they are going to get their energy. The most effective resources are nonrenewable unfortunately. This means that someday these resources will run out, but these resources are what fuel the economy of the world. The civilized person is so dependent on fossil fuels; They are willing to harm their environment in order to extract the materials. This is not without reason though. The world needs energy to function, but the most functional resources are those of the nonrenewable variety. This creates a huge problem for everyone involved.

A civilized country depends tremendously on the production of fossil fuels and they depend on the condition of their environment. There are many factors that have people hotly debating the topic of the whether or not to build the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Keystone Pipeline will run from Alberta, Canada all the way to the bottom of Texas. While in Texas some of the oil will be refined. The refined oil along with most of the raw oil will be shipped off to the world. The reason for this heat debate is because of the strong support for both oppositions. On one hand the environmentalist believe that the petroleum could lead to harmful effects on the environment. Whereas republicans believe that the pipeline will create jobs and stimulate the economy.

The people against the building of the pipeline believe they have many great issues that should be accounted for. To start out with the petroleum that they would be extracting from Alberta is a very sludgy substance that resembles tar. That is because the oil being extracted will be from the tar sands. The methods that are used to extract this particular tar are extremely harmful to the environment. There are two methods, the first includes using large amounts of water and natural gas to pump steam into the tar sands to extract the oil. This creates a toxic runoff that lands who knows where. The second method used involves strip mining the tar sands and then heating them up to release the oil.

This process has already destroyed acres of forests in Alberta. On top of the substance being sludgy it will also have sand particles all throughout it. This would add to the presented risk of a fault in the pipeline. Any leak of oil in a pipeline is bad, but the sludge that would be oozing out of the Keystone XL Pipeline is of a highly toxic level. The sludge is capable of crippling an ecosystem with minimal force. One important Ecosystem that could easily be damaged is the Ogallala Aquifer. The Ogallala Aquifer provides drinking water to many people and animals. The environmentalist feel that these risks can’t be reasoned against for any amount of money.

On the opposition, Republicans feel like environmentalist are exaggerating their concerns and that the Keystone XL Pipeline will boost the economy and help with foreign policy. Reports estimate that the pipeline will create 3.6 billion dollars for the American economy. Researches indicate that 42,000 jobs should be created through the construction of the pipeline. This will boost the economy for multiple markets such as construction, food, and multiple others.

Republicans are excited for the opportunity to strengthen the United States relationship with their neighbors to the north, Canada. The building of the pipeline will strengthen both country’s economies and provide long lasting business to fuel a strong relationship. Along with strengthening ties with Canada, the United States and Canada could help end their dependency on the Middle East for oil. The Republicans feel that the United States needs to act on this deal as soon as possible because oil demands are so high that companies would extract the oils from the tar sands anyway and bypass the United States, ultimately ending a large source of income and way for the United States and Canada to connect.

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