The Wrong Message Through Advertisment Essay

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The Wrong Message Through Advertisment

Advertisement is worldwide and companies have various creative heads that belong to different advertising agencies are often discovering out new ideas to deliver their message to the public. Children form the major chunks of the target group for advertisers. Many advertisements aimed towards children are a sole proof of this fact. The prime motive of any advertisement is to convince the viewer about the quality of the product and instill that urge in him/her to purchase the product.

Today, advertising plays an important role in the society, as it tends to influence young minds in particular. Children are fooled into wanting the “super cool” new toy that has extreme effects. These children witness the advertisement and immediately desire the toy, throwing a fit, begging their parents until they say yes to the toy. Teaching those children nothing about the value of money. Advertisement should not be allowed to market to young children, companies should be accountable for how they are advertising and regulate how much is being put out there for children to see.

Once the child is responsible enough and comprehends the values of money and excessive spending. The first prime motive of advertising is to attract the attention of young children. Goods are particularly packaged in order to appeal to the younger generation. Companies over exaggerate their product and add outrageous pictures and colors that stand out and are easily recognizable to the children. Children today, are more specific about their needs and wants. Whitney 2 Children are therefore reckoned to be a major ‘buying force’ by advertisers.

Betsy Taylor the founder of the center for a New American Dream explained to us in a YouTube video called consuming children that children are the most influential in what their parents determined to purchase. Children see these amazing posters, commercials, and school vending machines then immediately desire that product. Even if parents say no, children continue to exasperate until their needs are fulfilled and they have that toy they begged their parents for. Advertisement teaches children bad habits that can have a dramatic effect later on in life that is not necessarily good.

Advertising can also have a negative influence over young minds if advertising is not monitored and regulated children will not understand about the importance of money. In many cases, children tend to misinterpret the messages conveyed through the advertisement. They end up having wrong notions about many issues. Advertising influences the minds of children, which creates a need to own that particular product being advertised. Glossy images on the magazines or billboards or flashy advertisements on television only create the urge for impulsive buying.

Parents who cannot deal with the rising demands or temper tantrums only tend to give in to the demands of their children. Children then get used to a certain kind of lifestyle, which is shown on the television or through various media. This only creates a very wrong impression on their young minds making them lose the ability to live a life without relying on materialistic joys. The power of advertising thus, cannot be ignored. For example, my good friend’s younger brother prefers only a specific pair of branded jeans as compared to other clothing available in stores.

He wants to live the life that is projected in the advertisements. Her brother would indicate to his Whitney 3 Parents about personal desires in clothing, food, toys, all the cool new things that will make him be a cool kid at school. Their mother gets frustrated when her son throws a fit and becomes very demanding every time he saw something on TV that he wanted . Advertising should teach and convey a good message that has a positive effect on children rather than a negative. Advertisement should also instill good habits and help children to differentiate between right and wrong.

And the sooner it’s told, the better it would be for the child and subsequently parents as well. Advertisers on the other hand, can also try to put their message across creatively and target the entire family rather than just children. This will ensure even parents stay within the loop and can monitor the demands of the children. Children would not be able to watch things they should not be watching and children will learn good behaviors and habit they learn on TV or advertised threw movies cartoons like Disney characters are. Many children’s movies are advertised threw selling children’s favorite fast-food estaurants with a free toy inside every child’s happy meal. Both companies rely on each other to greater advertise their products.

When I was younger I always wanted to go to McDonalds after I saw the commercial for their happy meal with the free Kim Possible toy. Kim Possible was my favorite Disney character and was coming out with a new movie so Disney used McDonalds to help greater their advertising and as did McDonalds selling children’s happy meals with the free toy inside. I wanted to eat at McDonalds every day and collect all the toys inside the happy meals I got.

I lived extremely close to a McDonalds and during summer my sister and I would walk to get our happy meals every day. I then became very sick from eating fast-food every day. I was a very Whitney 4 large child growing up I got teased a lot but I still ate what I ate because all the other kids wanted the collectable toys we got in the happy meals. I struggled with my weight throughout my whole life because I did develop bad eating habits and every time my mother would refused to take me to McDonalds I would beg for money and ask to take myself and not stop begging until I got my happy meal.

Children don’t understand and don’t know what they want they see things advertised everywhere and instantly want it. Companies shouldn’t be allowed to advertise to child and target them into wanting their product. Displaying a poor behavior in order to get what they want also showing tactful habits. Children can watch whatever they want once they understand the values of money and purchasing items with money they have earned.

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