The World Why Men Cheat Essay

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The World Why Men Cheat

It’s hard to find a good man these days. These men are always trying to get over a good woman, but we are smart and know the game. Back in my parent’s day, I think trifling men existed, but not like they do today. The game has been perfected and men have tried to make it harder. There are three categories of men: The Nobody’s, The Somebody’s, and The Nobody’s trying to get to Somebody status. The Nobody’s are men that don’t care about trying to do better in life. The Somebody’s are the men who can be put on a program to success. The Nobody’s that are trying to get to Somebody status are the “rejects”. This is the ugly one in the crew. Men want to fit-in too much. The reason why men cheat is as follows: they’re trifling, want to be a “mack-daddy”, and they crave sexual “variety”; consequently they are wrong.

Men are so trifling. They will do the dumbest things and lie about the stupidest things while committed to a relationship. It is not hard to stay faithful to your woman. Trifling men always seem to mess over the good women for the bad ones. As author Clarissa D. Wright says, “men want to fit-it”. They want to show out in front of their home boys bragging about their affairs with different other women while married. When you catch them in action they want to lie about it and tell us sweet things. When they see that we are serious and are going to leave they do everything they can do to get us back. One thing about men is that they are very jealous. They can’t stand to see their woman with another man.

Now we have the want to be “mack-daddy”. They are the ones that are married/have a girlfriend but tease women heads up with sex or very expensive gifts. “macks have a choice on how to approach women” says Dr. Chambers. They have a choice on how they want to approach women; either they want to approach her for money or sex. A player can ‘graduate’ to a Mack and macks can ‘graduate’ to be Pimps. All players, macks and Pimps have to talior their mouthpiece in order to get their women. A man’s greatest tools are his words because women respond to what they hear and men respond to what they see. If the words are said nicely, smoothly, or effectively with confidence a woman will give a man a chance. She will have been smittened by what she has heard. There is a motto in the macking community and it goes: square players get played; pimps get paid; macks persuade.

Then there are men that crave sexual variety. My mom told me about those type of guys. She said “they want their cake and want to eat it, too”. We have to be the ones that tell them no when they want to eat it. It seem like we, as women, are the dumb ones because we always taking them back but people just don’t know how much we love that man; they are just outsiders looking in. Men crave sexually variety when something is going wrong at home. If their wife/girlfriend isn’t trying to fix the problem, then that’s when they go on a hunt for other women. Another reason is some men get bored with just one, so they go find more. They not only find more but when they find them, they find them young. That’s just tragic.

Those were some of the reasons why I think men cheat. Nowadays, you will always see/hear about men cheating on their spouse with young girls. I don’t know what’s with that but it is what it’s not. That’s not right and the young females should see that there is something wrong with th at. Just like in the play, The Crucible, Mr. Proctor was a married man and was having an affair with Abigail Williams. He teased that girl head up and used her for sex. She fell for it and w anted him bad. Mr. Proctor was a married man and was not going to leave his wife. Abigail tried to get his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, out the picture by blaming her of witchcraft. Instead of getting her out the picture she got Mr. Proctor out and he was killed, so she ran away. There you have a young girl trying to ruin a happy home. I hope one day these men will wake up and see that they don’t want to ruin their home.

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