The World That We Live in Essay

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The World That We Live in

Not long ago the law of the jungle prevailed “kill or be killed”. Barbarism was at its heinous best. Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest” was apt for those times. The smaller animals were at the mercy of the bigger ones and the latter were at the mercy of the biggest and so on. Evolution continued and finally we are today at a position of being called the ultramodern man who has lots and lots of knowledge and education, robots and gadgets to assist him. He has every comfort that one can think of ! He can traverse the longest of distances in minutes, view matches and ceremonies being conducted thousands of kilometres away in his bedroom and so on because the list seems endless. But I have a serious concern….i sometimes wonder whether we are still in the same precarious situation as our ancestors were? Is there any similarity between those times and the era that we live in? And my answer would unfortunately be “yes”.

I have come to the conclusion after long hours of brainstorming and analysis. There is ample proof of this in our daily newspapers and television’s breaking news! How else do you justify the acts of crime and violence in the name of sex, caste, religion, panchs, fatwas, state, country, political parties etc. Hooliganism in any form for any cause should not be tolerated but it is being given wings to fly in our present day society. Everyday we have some slogans by our leaders (religious and political) which vent venom at somebody else and we are misguided. Everyday a son kills his parents or a girl is tortured for dowry. Everyday we find a minister being charged of fund misappropriation worth many crores. Everyday there are stories of gang war and shootouts for “supari”.

We are living in a very dangerous era where this ugly problem is gathering tremendous momentum as it is sliding downhill and is threatening to wipe out the very progress made by man since existence. Hence I am very scared as a child. My fear is will man destroy himself? Will this world come to an end because of man’s inner insecurity and his own undoing? What is the need to develop nuclear warfare? What is the need to spread religious hatred and communal disharmony? Can’t we live in peace and harmony with a sense of eternal brotherhood? I pray god almighty to make every human sane enough to understand the motto of life and to lead it peacefully with love for others. Life is precious. We have made enough progress and we are making too. So let us not destroy ourselves, rather live together and make this world a better place to live in.

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