The World’s Fastest Indian in Interpersonal Communication

The depiction of communication in the movie “World’s Fastest Indian” showed a senior man named Burt from Australia living in New Zealand, following his passion and love for motorcycles, speed and adrenaline. In the movie, the struggles and obstacles Burt had to overcome were a part of his path to his dream of racing his motorcycle the “Indian”, and without these interactions, it would have not have been possible for Burt to achieve his dream. Burt believed in himself and his workmanship, that his motorcycle was the fastest in the world.

And it wasn’t until later that an acquaintance of his made it known to him, that he should pursue a world record in fastest motorcycle in the United States. During Burt’s journey to America, specifically California, Burt made interactions along the way.

Burt being a wise senior man, had a positive nature to him that everywhere he’d go, he’d make friends and create a special bond with these people because of his friendly attitude towards them, and it made these people more willing to help Burt in his time of need.

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Personal communication is essential for our well-being and communication provides a vital link with others. Throughout the movie, Burt received and he never failed to give. For example, the woman he met at the hotel his first night in California, after she had offered to take Burt out for lunch, she had confessed to Burt she was a man, and Burt without hesitation accepted her and still acknowledged her no different than before, and judging by her facial expressions that she was relieved and happy, soon after she was more comfortable towards Burt and created a friendly bond with him.

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Also, when Burt had met a Native American who helped aid him when his trailer falls, at the time of exchanging farewell gifts, the man gives Burt a remedy for his ailment; and Burt also gives the man a gift, the gift may have been irrelevant to the man but to Burt, it was something that he made himself and the man understood that and accepted it graciously. A person can only carry so much on their shoulder without the help of others, at least that’s what I think. People want to be treated with kindness, and if you receive kindness you should give it and vice versa.

Burt would have never have got to race the “Indian” without communication and interaction with others. It’s because of help that got him to the place he needed to be. Burt quoted “Bonneville Salt Flats” as the greatest place to ever be. In that moment, it showed how much it meant to Burt to be finally their after his long journey from New Zealand. A lot of people treated Burt differently because he was an old fragile man who came a long way from another country, with a handmade motorcycle. These people didn’t take him seriously, but some nonetheless gave him a chance.

Even though Burt was old, it was his ambition and personality that reached to others. Burt emphasized with people, which allowed people to share personal things with him, things that wouldn’t be shared to strangers. For example, after Ada had helped Burt with spare parts she had immediately shared a personal thing with Burt, and that was her husband’s grave and Burt emphasizing through wisdom, giving them something to bond over. In conclusion, what I learned from the movie is that being friendly natured to those around you can be beneficial to you now or in the future. Your attitude and outlook on things can really decide the essence of the environment. I find that helping people can make you feel good about yourself, and can help uplift your spirits and theirs as well. Kindness can be contagious, it can ignite a spark of friendly communication to which can then lead to a friendship.

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