The world of programming Essay

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The world of programming

In the world of programming today, open source is one world that has made a great impact all around the world. Programmers all over the world have two completely different schools of thoughts. One of them states that the technology should be easy to use, and less functions that can be programmed easily, whereas on the other hand, second school of thoughts propose that there has to be high amount of flexibility regardless of the fact, how much the programming or coding scenario gets complex.

The open source refers to the technology that has all the ingredients taken in a programming language disclosed, or in other words a programmer discloses what he has performed during his development of software. The article that is discussed in this paper has the title “Build Your Own Messaging Application in Java with jYMSG”. The technology that is referred in this article is Java based, which is an open source.

The social network evolution has changed a lot of trend and instant messaging has become an essential part of everyday life. The referred article discuses a new integration of Java technology with Yahoo Instant Messenger. Java is a platform independent technology that can run from a Mac book to a cell phone to home computers and laptops. The integration of this technology can be very useful because people can be in touch with their friends on yahoo messenger regardless if they are using a laptop or a computer or any other device.

This increases the creation of values as the needs of individuals are fulfilled through development of an open source Yahoo messenger based on Java technology. Hence the third principle of reshaping is fulfilled over here. References Kulvir Singh Bhogal, (2006). Build Your Own Messaging Application in Java with jYMSG. Retrived from http://www. devx. com/Java/Article/22546/1954

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