The World Of Hunger Games Essay

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The World Of Hunger Games

When children are forced to grow up fast at a young age due to traumatic events, it shapes them into fighters, when faced with life and death a person would do almost anything to assure survival. This is greatly demonstrated in the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins when the main character Katniss Everdeen’s world is shifted upside down when her father dies and when she volunteers as tribute for the Hunger Games. After her father’s death the weight of the world was on Katniss’s shoulders, as she had to learn how to provide for, and keep her family alive.

Her family consisted of her mother, who suffered severe depression after the death of her husband, and her younger sister Prim who meant the world to her. She inherited hunting skills from her father and used this to her advantage. She was an exceptional hunter and could also shoot a bow and arrow with great accuracy, which would later help her in the Games. Katniss had to grow up quickly and learn how to keep herself and her family alive, this took great strength as well as dedication. It is clear that Katniss Everdeen is a fighter because of her loyalty to her family, her defense of the weak and her defiance against the Capitol.

The most astonishing characteristic that Katniss Everdeen possessed was her ability and motivation to stand up and take care of her family. She quickly took on the role of a parent when her mother was not able to, and ensured safety of her sister Prim. She went to great lengths to provide for her family for she stated, “at the age of twelve, I had my name entered four times. Once, because I had to, and three times for tesserae for grain and oil for myself, Prim and my mother” (Collins 13).

This demonstrates how Katniss put her life at risk to provide food for her family to keep them alive. She also inherited her father’s gift for hunting and she would break the law when she would leave her district into the forest to gather game. She also had knowledge of plants and used this to her advantage to feed her mother and Prim. Not only did she hunt, she would also exchange her game in the Hob, a black market for trading to receive more necessities for the family. Lastly, Katniss volunteered to take her sisters place in the hunger games when Prim’s name was pulled at the reaping. She could not stand the thought of her sister being thrown into such an awful situation and she did the only thing she could to save her life.

Fighting for others when they were too weak to fight for themselves was another characteristic that Katniss demonstrated throughout the novel. This was displayed in many cases. One way in which this was portrayed was when Katniss immediately without giving a thought to the matter decided to enroll herself in the hunger games in order to ensure Prim’s safety as well as to save her the terror of the despicable games. “With one sweep of my arm, I push her behind me. I volunteer! I gasped. I volunteer as tribute!”(Collins 22). This showed how Katniss stood up for her sister and fought for her when no one else would, she saved Prim’s life and she risked it all for her. Katniss also took care of and risked much for Peeta when he was injured. As soon as it was announced that two people could win the hunger games if they were from the same district Katniss immediately made it her priority to find Peeta.

She wanted to do everything in her power to assure his survival. When Katniss did find Peeta he was badly injured and she spent much time and effort in making him better. At one point she even risked her own life to obtain medicine that would prevent him from dying, proving how truly dedicated she was to saving his life. Lastly, Katniss was able to display her quality of fighting for others when she made an alliance with Rue, a tribute from district 11. Katniss provided Rue with food, warmth, and protected her. Katniss took Rue under her wing and assured her safety. Rue was supposed to be her enemy due to the fact that in the Hunger Games only one person could win, but that did not matter to Katniss, she saw innocence in Rue and decided she would take care of her and even killed another tribute in effort to save Rue from being killed by them. Katniss was devoted to keeping Rue alive and out of harm’s way.

Katniss never let the Capitol change who she was and she rebelled against them to prove that they could not do so. This can be observed firstly when she did everything in her power not to cry in front of the Capitol. When she was in the Games and was hit by fireballs and left with a severe blistering burn on her leg she held in the pain and did not show weakness, “I forced myself to take deep, slow breaths, feeling quite certain the cameras are on my face. I cant show weakness at this injury” (Collins 179). This displayed that Katniss was definitely a fighter and knew that she had to keep it together; she did not want the Capitol to view her as weak for she surely was not. She also proved to the Capitol that she was not just another piece to their game and she wan In conclusion, not only did Katniss view herself as a fighter, but so did everyone around her.

It was known that Katniss Everdeeen would stand up for herself, her family and those she cared for no matter what the circumstances and would never allow anyone to try and change her. Her courageous acts were demonstrated many times throughout the book. She was a true fighter for she did everything in her power to prld fight for other people when they were not able to fight for themselves and she rebelled and fought against the Capitol for they were trying to shape her into something she was not. Katniss was an overall selfless, caring and strong human being and it is quite clear that she made a big impact on everyone she met, for she would not give up until she made things right.

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