The World Keeps Getting Higher

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Drugs have been around for so long, that it’s almost starting be normal to be on drugs. It’s ridiculously crazy how many people are on drugs now a days. The thing about drugs is that they’re are drugs that are legal and illegal. You may or may not this, but even the legal drugs can be illegal. You may be thinking how a a drug can be legal and illegal at the same time. Well for example when a person has a major surgery, and will be in excruciating pain afterwards, they’re prescribed heavy dosage medicine in order to cope with the pain.

Hydrocodone, Fentanyl, Codeine, are a very small percentage of these medicines. These medicines are actually opioids. Which may sound familiar to the word opiate, a common drug that you may know as an opiate is heroin. Well the words are close in correlations for a reason, they’re both highly addictive. Some more than others obviously, but this is the reason why some legal drugs are illegal and have to be prescribed.

Too many to get into trouble with these.

For instance, let’s say John Doe somehow convinced his doctor to prescribe him a bottle of hydrocodone. He can then decides not to use them, and decides to sell them to any common person. Well, hydrocodone gets you high and makes you feel numb in a sense and you don’t feel much physical pain. Now you’re using them to get high.

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Just a few uses in one day, and now you’re addicted. Well it’s only a matter of time when you won’t be able to find someone to sell you hydros, now you begin to look for other drugs that will give you the same high you received from the pills. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), “Opioids can make a person feel relaxed, and feel happy”. The dangers of this sentence is that some people enjoy this feeling a little too much. Continue the use of the pills when they’re not supposed to, or misuse it. Not understanding that it’s temporary and it’s most definitely going to have negative effects on their bodies. Returning the very scary fact that opioid and opiate sound and are spelled very similar. This is because they’re made from the very same plant, but just in different ways. Some are made scientifically and some aren’t. Some basically synthetic, semi-synthetic, and natural. The problem with drug abuse is that people make a few mistakes and become addicted, now our job a society is to find these poor people help in order ensure their betterment and most importantly survival.

According to people in our society drug abuse is at it’s all time high in 2018. It’s definitely a social construct, but one that’s been backed by damaging experiences and knowledge to those that feel most strongly about it. To be even more specific drug abuse is a problem to people who personally know people suffering from it, or feel threatened by it. The people who it’s a literal problem for are the ones that are actually abusing the drugs. From person experience, I’ve known people back home addicted to all types of drugs. The common theme with all of them is regret. A select few are angry at the things that pushed them to these drugs but the very common words that I hear are “I wish I would never gotten that first high”. So that would mean that they’re truly remorseful for what they’ve gotten themselves into but now it’s a matter of finding help for this problem. This is problem has been around for as long as we can imagine. It’s almost impossible to pinpoint where and when the problem started, because drugs have been around for too long. The history of drug abuse matters in order to try and stop it, so history doesn’t repeat itself. It’s almost impossible to end drug abuse, but the best we can do is educate the people around us about it.

In 2013, 24.6 million Americans had used an illicit drug in the past month according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Also according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, that was 9.4% of the population. Which rose from 8.3% in 2002, now that we are in 2018 you can just imagine how much it’s risen. The assumption I would make about this severe conflict is that the cause of the problem is due to the ignorance, this is why education is the best way to practice prevention. Prevention is always better than a cure. Now the consequences end up being the pain caused to the person suffering from this disease we call addiction. Now it’s not only them suffering, but it’s the people around them that have to suffer with them. They suffer with them because they have to watch them go through such a hard time knowing, they can only do so much in order to help. Even when they can help, they can help with putting them into putting them into institutions in order to get the proper treatment they need.

All of these problems are serious because even when the person getting better is doing well there’s always a possibility of them going back to their drug of choice. There’s a lot of emotional roller coasters that come along with drug abuse, a lot of ins and outs into institutions. Lots of life being lost, in terms of a person not being able to live their life properly as they should. So, everyone involved both physical and emotionally essentially suffer a great deal and are in the end either extremely relieved or drained. This seriousness of these consequences can be as extreme as death because that’s the ultimate consequence of drug abuse in all honesty. That’s one of the thing that a lot of people don’t like to talk about or think about because of its severity, but it’s the dark truth. The other dark truth is that depending on what type of drug it may be, whoever may be going through addiction due to drug abuse will most likely never be the same again. Physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Possible solutions for such a big problem as mentioned before will be educating other. But to be more specific, educating children so they know right from wrong when adulthood has been reached. Locating specifics of the actual problem and then deciding what’s best for that specific problem. Also having proper health care for those people who are going through these hardships, no matter their economic status. Laws are in place in order to limit and slow down the drug rate, but aren’t doing much, so having better thought out laws. Having meetings where people who have fell victim to drug abuse can go in order to take a load off their chest. Having a program where people can be paired with a sober sponsor of their choice, so they know someone is there for them. These are all ideas I know can help the situation, but i doubt the solution will end this conflict permanently.

My first solution being education in my opinion is my best one, and I feel like it’s strength is outstanding because nothing beats knowledge. When you’re educated you know what to do and how to it well. If you know drugs aren’t going to benefit you in the long run because of the education you’ve received and let process through your head. Then you’ve won one of life’s hardest battles, which is temptation. Education and stop temptation if ones will power is strong enough. Well it’s weakness would have to be the fact that people do not heed to the warnings given about these harmful drugs. It’s tough when people know what the right thing, but they fall short to temptation, and let it take control of them. My second solution was to locate the true root of the problem, well you may be thinking why that wasn’t number one. Well, that’s because even if you do locate them problem, the odds of being able to solve that problem aren’t very high especially with such a delicate subject as drug abuse. It doesn’t do anyone any good to know who the monster it, but not be able to defeat it. It’s strength actually comes from the possibility of it being effective. It’s possible for it to work because the possibility of a finding an absolute cure after knowing the problem is very low, but at the end of the day there’s still a possibility.

That small hope can always go a long way. The rest of the problem solvers that were listed, were listed because they are ways to help a person who has already been victimized by drug abuse. For example, having the proper health care is key to give people a higher chance of living longer while being addicted to these drugs. No matter what the economic status of an abuser is a more important piece to the puzzle because not everyone can always afford health care services. It’s strength is definitely the fact that people are actually being help and not pushed away to suffer and possibly die. But instead they’re cared for and looked at as actual people. It’s weakness is that chances of this happening aren’t very high. That means taxes would be higher for the average person, and other fundings will most likely have to be dug into in order to make this happen. This is a huge sacrifice people would have to make and I’m very doubtful that people would actually do this.

Laws are in place so a society can have order. Well, drug laws aren’t doing too well since any common person can possess any drug at almost any time as long as they have the fund to get them. So my solution about laws strength isn’t very strong because laws haven’t done much but put a couple people in jail that have been caught with drugs, and watched the drug usage rate rise higher and higher, just like people on drugs are getting higher and higher as well. It’s almost as if it’s a competition amongst the two. It’s almost sick to think about the fact that nothing is actually being done that’s really being effective. Having meetings where people who are trying to be healthy again can be amongst one another and share their stories, so they can know that they are not alone is a great solution to me. It’s a great solution to me because when people know they’re not the only ones and they feel support, the chances of them actually wanting to do better are higher. Or they can simply see someone else suffering and they understand that they’re in the same boat as the next person they’re looking at.

From there is they can most likely save themselves. The weaknesses of this solution is that some people might look at others and be in denial about what they’re going through because of embarrassment. It might also make them isolate themselves even more because they don’t like what’s happening to them and the environment that they’re in. Maybe even lost all hope for themselves. My last solution is that people can be paired up with a person who can serve as a sober sponsor. This person can help them out financially for things they need, but never really give them direct funds for plenty of reasons. This person is a person that is also there so while an abuser may be going through somethings they have someone to look up to, someone that they don’t want to let them. That person serves a soul purpose of being there for motivation.

All of this are all just ways to positively assist the heartbreaking situation. It’s tough that there isn’t one straight answer to fix the problem, but it helps to have suggestions that would make a the situation a lighter one. The problem is that people somehow someway find a way to get addicted to drugs and sometimes it’s not even on purpose. When something like this happens how are we responding. We all need to get out of whatever bubble we may be in, and understand that they’re are people around us dying from overdose, suffering from addiction itself, withdrawal, and even relapse. So whatever we can do to slow down their access to drugs would definitely be the best to solution to this problem. Helping one another will take us a longer way than having someone fight the battle alone.

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