The World Is Just Awesome Essay

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The World Is Just Awesome

“The world is just awesome”, the new motto of my favourite Discovery channel has said something about my passion. I love to discover everything around me, it could be this green planet,the human body or the mystery of the universe. The love of science has come naturally to me since I realize problem solving has become not only an art but also a joy to me. It has play an important part in my life because it shaped me to be a better person with these several characteristics. When I was a young boy, my parents usually gave me books as present, but I did not really like them.

At that time, I did not have many toys or friends to spend time with during summer. So I did not have many choices but to read those science books for kids given by my parents. Actually, it was not love at first sight, the first book I read was a book that contains thousands of questions in the form of “Tell me why…”, the answers were too brief and not catchy to read. The second book was a turning point. It is a translated book from its original in the US, it contains pictures, visualization and understandable explanations at the low level.

Followed the instructions in the book, I made many experiments from materials that appear everywhere around me. It caused me to appreciate a whole new beauty to everything because I could see what lies behind them. I was totally addicted to science and I also have developed a habit of reading book, which I believe has benefited my mind a lot. Learning is a process that cost one an entire life. At a low level, solving problems is a task that contribute to one’s knowledge, little by little, a person can use his or her knowledge to solve bigger questions to contribute to mankind.

Therefore I think there are no particular question that deeply interests me because I’m concerned about any problems that I can try to solve to benefit the world I‘m living in. For example, as I am majored in Computer Science, I may opt for researching a new way of calculating that cost lower while take less time than the current method. This would benefit many other fields such as helping physicists find new planets in the universe or benefiting genetics in finding new way of treating cancer.

I can also try to study deeply the structute of computer, so that I can invent computer that is both powerful and cost-effective. This would benefit children in undeveloped countries. To be able to do this, I have to prepare myself a solid background knowledge and the ability of fast-learning which will help me to be ready when chances are come. The world throught the eyes of a scientist is always new and beautiful. This is because he or she understand greater complexity and the delicate feature of human and nature. The more I study, the more I want to travel to many places on this wonderful planet.

There are always something new and inspirational to learn. It could be a challenge to myself against a high mountain, when I reach the summit, I can feelhow magical our body could be to provide me enough will and strenght to carry on. Or when I travel to another country, I may learn different cultures and government system from different countries or communicate with interested people. All those beautiful things are the urge for me to keep working hard, to contribute to this planet and make it a better place. Moreover, travelling aids scientists in ideas.

This is true because nature always has the answer for the perfect model, various achivements of mankind have come from nature such as airplane, tidal power generator,and so on. So by hitting the road, scientists can turn what they see to what benefits the whole society. In conclusion, science has played a very important part in my life. I developed the habit of reading, the ability to adopt new knowledge and see the world with a different perspective. I believe I’ve made the right choice to follow this rough path to contribute to mankind.

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