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The Working Student’s of Sti College Essay

Essay Topic:

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The problem has been developed with the query as to how the corresponding workloads and required working hours of working students affect their studies at STI College Munoz. As a backgrounder, the primary objective of the study is for working students to overcome conflict between their corresponding workloads and required working hours as against their studies.

In addition, this paper intends to provide encouragement and motivation to all students especially those who are financially distressed to pursue and finish a college degree in order to be competitive in the future and be able to realize their goals and aspirations.

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It may also provide learning experiences and information to faculty members and school administrators in the development and implementation of curriculum, syllabus, school policies and procedures, and other school activities.

In order to accomplish our objectives, we adopted several methodologies in obtaining data and information such as conducting surveys by providing questionnaires to our subjects, obtaining graphs, tabulations and illustrations from libraries and the internet, and conducting interviews personally and directly with our target subjects to get assurance that our data, information and values gathered were correct and accurate.

We also adopted the recommendation and referral approach to enhance our networking and be able to interview more samples as possible. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM 1. How do the corresponding workloads and required working hours affect the studies of working students from STI College Munoz? 2. How do the working students of STI College Munoz become effective in their studies? 3. How do the students of STI College Munoz benefit from this study? 4. How does the school administration of STI College Munoz benefit from this study?

ASSUMPTION 1. It is assumed that the existing workloads and required working hours of working students from STI College Munoz affect their studies accordingly especially on time allotment for studies, time travel from work area to school campus, mandatory requirement by immediate superior on working student to spend extra working hours to meet work deadlines, or unexpected work engagement or tasks with results immediately needed by management. 2.

It is assumed that the working students of STI College Munoz become effective in their studies by applying actual work experience towards classroom discussion or other relevant topics, applying emotional maturity acquired from work environment towards study problems or habits, and applying ability to handle financial matters effectively. 3. It is assumed that the study of working students from STI College Munoz as sample data would benefit the students of STI College Munoz since the working students play a major role in linking industry practice with the academe.

It is further assumed that study would be able to motivate all students especially the financially distressed to pursue and finish a college degree despite financial problems to become competitive and achieve their goals and aspirations in the future. 4. It is assumed that the study would provide knowledge and information in the preparation, development, and implementation of curriculum, syllabus, school policies and procedures and other school activities. SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY

The significance of studying working students from STI College Munoz as sample data will benefit the following: •Students of STI College Munoz-Edsa oBy making the full time students of STI College Munoz realize their advantage over the working students in terms of ample time to do review, research and advance reading of their respective subjects and maximize such advantage to achieve educational excellence rather than wasting a lot of time strolling in the malls or other non-educational related activities. By making the working students of STI College Munoz realize their advantage over the full time students in terms of industry experience and working practices and maximizing such advantage to improve their level of maturity and sense of responsibility in terms of balancing workloads and studyloads. oBy making financially distressed students realize that financial problem is not a hindrance in pursuing a college degree and that alternative sources of income are available if they are willing to work to partially or fully finance their studies. Faculty Members of STI College Munoz-Edsa oBy taking advantage of the actual working experience and industry practice of working students as a tool for classroom discussion and source of information for curriculum development and syllabus preparation. oTo become more selfless and noble in sharing their support and understanding to the needs and problems of students, to be more aware of the students goals, and be ready to assist them in making decisions.

The scope of this paper will cover the activities of the working students of STI College Munoz-Edsa. This study was limited to common problems and coping style of working student and their relation to academic requirements. The respondents of the study were the working college students of STI College Munoz-Edsa, aged 17 and above years old from different year level (first year to fourth year) during second semester school year 2009 – 2010. This study will determine the common problems, coping styles and academic performances as well as how the students’ academic performances significantly relate with the problems and coping style.

DEFINITION OF TERMS Academe – The academic world. Academic Performance – refers to the grades of the college student obtained in each subject as expressed in their class cards. It is measured by getting the general weighted average (GWA) of the studies during the final term, second semester school year (2009-2010). This is the result of the grades multiplied and divided by the number of the units in a semester. A copy of these grades showing their equivalent rating appears on the transcript of records available at the school registrar.

Educational Attainment – refers to the highest level of schooling a person achieved at a certain time. In this study the educational attainment is the year level the respondent is currently enrolled. Family – refers to basic social institution of society. It is traditionally defined as a social unit of those related through marriage, birth or adoptions who reside together in officially sanctioned relationships and who engaged in economic cooperation, socially approved sexual relations and reproduction and child rearing (Andersen, 2002).

In this study, this refers to the direct family of the respondents. This covers the family relationships between parents and children, between father and mother, among siblings, family economic condition and total number of family members. Income – The average family monthly income which includes fixed sources from salaries and wages and other additional sources from business, farming, fishing and others. Problems – Refers to the difficult situations, which the working students in STI- College, Munoz Edsa are facing while portraying their different roles.

Socio-Demographic Profile / Profile – refers to the demographic characteristics of the respondents which include their age, gender, socio economic status of the family, college year level, family’s monthly income, and their class schedules. Students – Refers to the respondents of this research coming from STI COLLEGE Munoz – EDSA. They are studying at the same time working for varied reasons. Work – refers to the type of job the respondents are engaged in while studying.

In this study it refers to the respondents to their work profile which includes the type of work, where they are working, how many hours are they working and where do they spend their salary. Working Students – are those students who work with pay, those who are self – employed or having their own business while studying after working hours or working in between class hours. CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter includes a discussion of literature and studies, local and foreign, which were found to have bearings on the present study.

Even though there have been only a few related studies, no similar study yet has been conducted wholly and solely on the problem of working college students of STI College Munoz – EDSA. It can therefore be safely assumed that this research does not duplicate any study. LITERATURE LOCAL Manuel R. Santos expressed the view that the fate of the domestic helpers in the Philippines is somewhat disturbing. Majority of these young people are treated like animals although he said that not all are treated like animals.

He said that not all these young people are badly treated but there are many of them who really received such maltreatment not only in our country but also abroad. Santos stressed the view that there is a need to amend the law about domestic helpers in such a way that they may be given opportunities to go to school and finish at least a college education. The author opinioned that most importantly, a domestic helper should receive a compensation commensurate to their workload with entitlement to a thirteen month pay and other benefits such as Medicare and SSS.

The domestic helper should be given time to rest at least one day a week with pay. Clawid, being a working student as well as joining captivating Capiz is one of the hardest parts in the life of a college student. Why? Because aside from studying his lessons, making his homework and assignments, listening to his instructors and professors and finishing his projects, he has to do or finish other assignments or workload which full-time students don’t have.

He doesn’t have enough time to go and hang out with his friends because he has assigned duty in the school, and several tasks to be done and the outcome would depend where he would be assigned to have his duty. He has responsibilities and accountabilities to the school where he is working and that is part being a working student, to serve the school and render working hours. Being a working student, the school shoulders the tuition fee and all he has to pay are the miscellaneous fees.

That is one of the reasons why some students are applying to become a working student especially when their parents could no longer afford to send them to school. Sometimes he is being told to have committed mistakes but he takes them as encouragement and as a challenge but sometimes it also puts him down, depending on how other students have told him and the manner of delivery for calling his attention for the mistake committed. Some working students are very sensitive when being told that they had committed mistakes and easily feel bad.

But what makes him proud is that he decided to become a working student in order to help his parents with their burdens especially in sending him to school. Sometimes he finds some extra jobs like typing just to earn money and be dependent. Some of his fellow working students told him that they would like to quit because it is really hard and they are tired after a long hours they spend in the class. But he told them that it is a part of the life of a college student. They have to manage their time and be patient because it is their investment for their career in the future.

He is proud that he is a college working student and advised that we need patience, time management and strong determination to graduate from the course we have chosen and be able to face those circumstances and trials that may come in the life of being a college working student. Veronica Rillorta, after her high school graduation, dreamed of going to college and taking up a course of her interest as the key to finding employment. But as June 2005 drew near, she started to get worried because her parents couldn’t send her to school.

Her mother consoled her by saying that it would be her own choice if she wants to work and where to work. At first, Veronica worked as a waitress in a restaurant in their town. The restaurant served so many customers, that they could only eat their lunch at around 3:00 in the afternoon. After working for few weeks, she quit. She relaxed for a few days, but because she didn’t want to be a burden to her parents, she found work as saleslady. Unfortunately, her employer cooked up some gossip about her and told her relatives that she had many boyfriends. She explained to her mother and dissuaded her from confronting her employer.

Veronica blamed herself and developed self-pity. She was unhappy and felt life was boring doing nothing but wait for new opportunity to come. One day her friend from high school who has just graduated as a working student, came for a visit together with her employer, Madame Judith. Her friend told her she had recommended her to Madame Judith as her new working student. Veronica’s parents were delighted. Thinking this was the help she had been praying for every night, she went to Solano town in Nueva Viscaya province, one week before the start of classes in June 2007.

She was fortunate given the opportunity to study in her employer’s school, while working for her family. She got free tuition and miscellaneous expenses as well as free lodging and food. And her employer gave her a monthly allowance amounting to P800. Balancing her work and her studies was not easy for her at first, but her second parents guided and supported her. They accepted her weaknesses and trusted her. Days became months, and months became years. She encountered some problems along the way, but they hardly mattered, compared to the chance of getting an education and becoming a more responsible and productive citizen.

Her goal is to finish her course, but her employer had told her that they have other plans for her after finishing her course. They must be the instruments of God’s love for her. They are modern-day good Samaritans to whom she owed her new life. This early she was already thinking that in order to repay God and her second parents for their kindness, she will sponsor a scholarship program for deserving poor, young people so that they can go to college and have brighter future. She will also try to inculcate in them spiritual values and moral strength.

All the things happening in our country certainly affects the youth, but it should not drive us to despair. Instead, let us take it as a challenge for us to make a difference, for the future awaits us. Being a better youth today ensures a brighter future tomorrow. Let us always believe in God, pray without ceasing and stick to the hope that we can achieve our goals through sheer determination. Veronica V. Rillorta, 19, is taking up a computer secretarial course at the Viscaya Institute of Computer Science in Bayom, Nueva Viscaya.

Philippine Overseas Employment Authority report by Analiza Buendia mentions that based on statistics from 1983 to 1986, there were 632 complaints from migrant women workers who were domestics helpers that they were maltreated by their employers and 14 causes of rapes. These figures involved only women with legal and proper documents, although there were many of them who did not want to risk of losing their jobs by reporting cases of abuses and maltreated by their employers to the authorities. Then there were also those who did not want to give worries to their families in the Philippines.

It was revealed that there was already organized in London an organization like commission of Filipino migrant workers(CFMW) had been helping the Filipino victims of such maltreatment and rapes; another organization was organized called “Kalayaan” whose member were Filipino domestic migrant workers who have been victims of the above kind of slavery. In this organization, it was shown that the members help each other and give moral support. It was revealed that the CFMW gave legal, financial and spiritual support to Filipinos overseas workers in London.

According to Buendia, the Philippine government is not doing anything about what is happening to the Filipino women abroad. In spite of overwhelming proofs of this domestic helpers’ slavery, there has been no determined effort to help the victims. In fact the author pointed out that government officials kept on saying that they are doing everything about the problem, but up to now no law has been passed to protect the safety and interest of Filipino domestic helpers abroad, unless something concrete is done is pointed out by Buendia.

The Filipino domestic helpers’ only choice aside from escape is to endure, pray and make sleep as their only escape from drudgery and cruelty as well as abuse Although some of the related literature did not directly show that the domestic Filipina helpers abroad was not studying while they worked as such, yet some of them study in their vacant times especially in the night. This could be due to the fact that these domestic helpers wanted to finish courses with foreign orientation.

While the present study is concerned mostly on the problems, profile and motivations of part time working students in STI College Munoz, it has relations with those literature published in the local scene. Based on a study undertaken by the Philippine Overseas Employment Authority (POEA) Leonila Anastacio, only 49 percent of overseas workers in 1986 were women. In the first quarter of 1987, POEA data revealed that women migrant workers had outnumbered the men in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

In fact there were 40,000 Filipino now living in Great Britain in 1987 and almost 70 percent of this was women. Most of these women were college graduates and yet many of them were employed as domestic helpers, hotel chambermaid and waitresses. The young ones were still going to school to be able to finish another course which was pure British in orientation. Others landed on such jobs as teaching and nursing. It was noted that according t several job placement agencies in London, Filipinos were the most sought after for domestic work.

The agencies attributed this development to the fact that all Filipinos spoke and understand English, hardworking, seldom complain about long hours of hardworking, patient with children, and most of all can easily adopt themselves to any situation. It was reported to the Philippine Overseas. FOREIGN A Working Student’s Life, a relentless work ethic, an upbeat attitude and a supportive family got her to the equitation finals. But for junior Kristin Mauks, the prize she treasured most was what she learned along the way. Sandra Cooke, Mandy Lorraine, At 10 p. . the night before the 1998 Maclay Finals, Kristin Mauks was staring through trainer Missy Clark’s truck windshield at a Manhattan side street teeming with rigs, horses, and people, with Madison Square Garden looming beyond. She’d worked hard toward this chance for six years. For a moment, though, the reality was overwhelming. “I was thinking, I have to unload these horses here. I have to take the tack trunks up this five-story-high ramp.

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