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The work of christian aid Essay

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Christian Aid is a leading development agency of the UK and Irish churches. It works in some of the world’s poorest countries, with people of all faiths and none, wherever the need is greatest. Christian Aid’s aim is to help people to improve their own lives and to tackle the causes of poverty and injustice. Christian Aid channels funds through local community groups and church organisations. These organisations – our partners – use the money to help people directly. Money does go to emergencies when possible, but much more is devoted to long-term development. To achieve these aims Christian aid’s work is split into 4 main parts these are:


5% of Christian aids income is spent on educating people in LEDC’s and churches in the uk and Ireland about why the world needs to develop and how they can help LEDC’s. It publishes a newspaper this gives information about what Christian aid is doing and world development what the world spends on weapons in two weeks for example could give everyone in the world enough food, water, education and shelter for a year.

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Christian aid has an advantage over many charities because it is in contact with organisations who are going to make use of the money so they can share it out equally and give feedback about how the money has been put to good use much of Christian aid emergency and long-term aid is channelled through organisations in the country concerned. In Brazil more than half of the farmland is unused while millions of people do not have enough to eat Christian aid funds for poor families to be given unused farmland which can help them start up a business. In south Africa, Christian aid is using a fund given by the British government to help south Africa in its struggle against aids this was done through Christian aids partner the church of the province of southern Africa they helped to support and care for the orphans and families affected or who have lost someone to aids


In order for Christian aid to reduce the amount of people who are poverty stricken they need money to do this they get this money in several ways since 1957 Christian aid week has become a regular annual event during this week they put letters in the mailboxes of every house asking for donations many churches and people also have fund-raising events throughout the year Christian aid also receives government grants.


Christian aid has funds to deal with emergencies this work takes place alongside long-term aid because without it people would die. Emergency aid gives food, antibiotics and shelters via its local partners they sent these things and more in the 2004 Bangladesh floods and the drought stricken Zimbabwe. Christian aid spends between 10 per cent and 15 per cent of its funds and income each year on emergency aid.

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