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The winter Oak and the pieces of Silver Essay

The soviet Union was formed in 1917 from the communist revolution so therefore became a country of industry and equality. “a heavy lorry with a trailer” this highlights the fact that the writer of the story, Nagibin, would have been brought up in this industrialised country. In The Winter Oak the writer presents the teacher/pupil relationship as a positive one to the class as a whole. “Today we are going to continue learning about parts of a speech. The class quietened down, and a heavy lorry with a trailer could be heard crawling along the road.

” Here Nagibin highlights that there is an influence of dominance by how Anna Vasilevna quietens the class down so much that you can hear a trailer coming down the road. This proves that Anna’s relationship with the class is a positive one and there is some respect coming from the class for Anna, it also shows that the lorry conveys the context as there is a comparison between the noise of lorry and the silence in the classroom. “Heavy lorry” “crawling” the use of personification evokes the volume of the trailer compared to how quiet the class is.

Because Anna cannot understand the point Savushkin is trying to make or why he is saying “Winter Oak”. The writer portrays an image of unfairness. Just like The Young Couple when it is not fair that Cathy doesn’t get a say in what she does, and the family doesn’t understand that she needs her parents. “Not understanding his strange excitement, Anna Vasilevna hid her irritation with difficulty. Anna thinks she understands her pupils very well, but she does not. In this quote Nagibin conveys that Anna does not understand her pupils as well as she thinks she does.

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The use of the adjective ‘strange’ highlights the fact that it is unexpected and unknown from this character. In the forest there is a reverse in roles when Anna becomes the pupil, and Savushkin the teacher. The writer portrays this by saying “but the small human being in the worn felt boots, a mysterious and wonderful future citizen. ” By using this extract, the writer implies that Anna is surprised that Savushkin is that type of person. It is emphasising the fact that Savushkin is a completely different boy in Anna’s eyes than the person she thought she knew.

Anna now understands why Savushkin is late everyday to school and thinks it is completely outstanding that boys like him could find something with so much uniqueness that it distracts anyone who walks past it. This enlightens the reader because it shows that there is a good reason behind every misunderstanding. The Winter Oak and The Pieces of Silver are both to do with surprise, misinterpret as well as unexpectedness. Both of the stories are based in schools and have culture clashes. I think the message of both the stories is to expect the unexpected from everyone and never expect less.

I feel this because Anna does not expect Savushkin to turn out to be a good future citizen and Mr Case least expects Clement to pay for the rest of the boys as well as being humiliated himself. Overall both the stories are similar by the consequences and reactions, as they both include roles of reverse in the teacher/ pupil relationship. Claire Gee Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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