The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket Essay

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The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket

Mr. Poe in the novel The Wide Window, written by Lemony Snicket, is the Baudelaire family’s banker. He keeps their fortune because their house burned down and both their parents died in the fire. In the beginning of the novel Mr. Poe drives the three orphans to Aunt Josephine’s house, because she is going to be their new guardian since Uncle Monty got murdered by the wicked Count Olaf. Count Olaf keeps going after the children in disguise wanting to steal their fortune, and in this book he is disguised as Captain Sham. Aunt Josephine has many, many fears. For example, she’s afraid of the stove, the telephone, door knobs, doors, realtors, and Lake Lachrymose because her husband got eaten by leeches in that lake. The children had to eat cold food throughout their stay at Aunt Josephine’s house, like orange juice and untoasted bread for breakfast, untoasted bread and orange juice again for dinner, or cold cucumber soup.

One day when they were going out grocery shopping they met a man named Captain Sham! The children knew that it was really Count Olaf in disguise, but he was smart enough to fool Aunt Josephine. He had on a peg leg to cover his eye tattoo and an eye patch, and gave Aunt Josephine his card. Then she pointed out a grammatical mistake in his card with the word “it’s” and “its”, because she loved grammar. Later on, when they were back home their telephone rings and Aunt Josephine freaks out and Violet, the oldest child, proves to her that it’s not dangerous by answering it. “Captain Sham” was on the phone and he asked to talk to Aunt Josephine, but Violet hangs up on him.

He calls again and this time Aunt Josephine decides to get over her fear and answers it. She tells the children to leave the room, because Captain Sham and she are planning a surprise for them. After a while the children heard a big CRASH! They ran out of the room to check it out and they found a note that said Aunt Josephine had committed suicide and that she’s leaving them in the care of Captain Sham! They were worried, because they know that Captain Sham is actually Count Olaf and that it would torture to live with him. The Baudelaire’s go to find Aunt Josephine, and they find her alive in Curredled Cave. They take a boat that they stole and they get attached by leeches, the boat cracks, they nearly sink, but Violet makes a bell and it attracts Count Olaf. Count Olaf grabs a yacht and changes the yachts name from Carmalta to Count Olaf.

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