The white tiger Essay

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The white tiger

White tigers are an endangered species and it is said that less than a dozen have been seen in India in about a hundred years. In fact no sightings have been reported since 1951. This may be caused by the fact that the Royal Bengal tiger population has dropped from 40,000 to 1,800 in the past ten years and as few as one in every 10,000 tigers is white ( White tigers are neither albinos nor a special species. They differ from the normally colored tigers by having blue eyes, a pink nose, and creamy white fur with black stripes. If they were albinos they would have pink eyes and a lighter nose color.

A tigers stripes are just like human fingerprints meaning that no two tigers have the same pattern of stripes. White tigers aren’t necessarily born from other white tigers. White tigers get their color by a double recessive allele. A Bengal tiger with two normal alleles or one normal and one white allele is colored orange. Only a double dose of the mutant allele results in white tigers ( In fact it is even normal to find normal colored cubs in a litter of white tigers (

White tigers are a very rare species, and even endagered, as i have said earlier on that one stripe on a white tiger will NOT be the saem as the next beside it, it is just like our fingure prints, they are all different all together. A pink eyed tiger is more called an albino tiger and also a lighter colour located on their nose.

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