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Internet Nowadays

The website and internet nowadays are apparently to be approached and also useful because of the expanding number of cell phones and other gadgets that provide many functions (Akroush and Al-Debei, 2015).

Therefore, the growth of the internet will make the rate of online shopping extremely grow and it also creates more competitors in the marketplace online (Vazquez and Xu, 2009; Limbu et al., 2012). Moreover, (Internet World Stats, 2017) shows that the number of the internet users in 2017 increased to 4.15 billion which means that there is about 54.

4 percent of the total population of the world.

The growth rate of the internet users in Thailand has continually increased from 2011 to 2016; the rate is multiplied from 15 percent to almost 30 percent. In term of the internet consumption in Thailand, the technology penetration is growing rapidly. Additionally, the internet penetration rate in Thailand has undoubtedly grown, implying that almost one-third of the whole Thai populations can access the Internet particularly on their mobiles (Krairit, 2017).

Furthermore, the internet evolution has reached to the innovative resources for social connections through communities and networks, vastly expanding newly potential communication for consumers (Leitner and Grechenig, 2007).

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The widespread of the website, internet, and technology is not just radically changed the attitude toward online shopping of people, but it also changed the business platforms; especially, in retailing business and the number of online shopping on websites are automatically rising(Vazquez and Xu, 2009; Çelik, 2011).

Plus, (Boyd and Ellison, 2007) defined Social networking sites (SNSs) as web-enabled services that provide individuals to make a public profile and a contacts lists they have that they can share on a social network.

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SNSs such as Facebook and LinkedIn help to distribute and share the information and it is a good tool for electronic word of mouth (eWOM) (Chu, 2009).

Summarily, the internet and technology have influenced people’s attitude, lifestyle, and also the business operations because customers can go shopping online easily (Vazquez and Xu, 2009; Çelik, 2011). Apart from a load of usage of online platforms on website and mobile of Thai people, a development of logistics and e-payment system or internet banking are also being forced factors that allow the growth of Thailand e-commerce market (The International Trade Administration (ITA), U.S. Department of Commerce, 2017).

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