The Ways Juliet Changes in Romeo and Juliet Essay

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The Ways Juliet Changes in Romeo and Juliet

1. The way in which her maturity level changes is extreme. In the 3rd scene in act 1 it shows how young she is (13) as she has not even thought of the idea of marriage. She says” It is an honour that I dream not of.” Meaning she has not thought about marriage yet. While she is doing this Romeo is still in deep sorrow about the fact that Rosaline does not love him but he loves her. These 2 points show the difference in age and maturity already as she is not having much to do with boys but Romeo is already chasing girls. A fact that is shocking to any modern day person is that she is only 13 at the beginning of the play and she is being asked about marriage.

This shows the time that the play is set in as it is normal to get married at this age. Lady Capulet says, “ Thou knowest my daughter’s of a pretty age” in Act 1 scene 3. Juliet also says that she will think about the idea of marriage which links onto my next point. Another thing that shows how young she is that even though she has never met Romeo before she immediately falls in love with her. This shows her immaturity. Modern day people talk about teenage love and how it is so unlikely to last and how teenagers will fall in love at first sight but never really make a relationship last. Well this is an example of that but in those days if you loved each other you would get married.

The way she is only around 1 day into her relationship and is getting married shows how venerable she is which is another factor adding to her maturity level. Another factor about her maturity level is that she develops from someone who takes no risks to taking a life threatening risk. A point that shows she is young is that she is like a sheep at the beginning.

Following what ever Romeo did but then she changes that and becomes more mature and thinking hard about whether Romeo is right for her. In the end she decides to do the bravest thing anyone could ever do in her situation. Though her immaturity does not think it through very well as she never though about what might happen if Romeo saw her “dead”. Both Romeo’s act of killing Tybalt and Juliet’s poison act ended up in maturity getting the better of both of them. If either of them had been more mature then Romeo would have run away rather than kill and Juliet would not of had to take the poison.

2. The way she obeys her parents explains her maturity. At the beginning she is obeying every word her parents say and then at the end she takes poison to evade marrying someone her parents have arranged a marriage with. At the beginning of the play she also trusts her nurse and obeys her as well. During the middle of the play she meets the rebellious Romeo who has met Juliet at a party after he has been mourning his loss of Rosaline, they decide in scene 6 acts 2 to get married. They enter Friar Lawrence’s cell and get married. This marriage is secret and this is the start of the times when she disobeys her parents. The final stage of her complete disobeying of her parents and nurse is when she takes the poison. She also shuns her nurse and tells her go away after she proposes that Juliet marries Paris. Her father is also extremely angry as he set up the marriage and she does not want to get married.

3. Her perception of Romeo changes dramatically through out the play as well. First of all she starts off by thinking he is wonderful and the best man to ever love and then she cannot decide whether he is evil or good. This happens after he kills Tybalt. A quote to describe her feeling for him is “Beautiful tyrant”. This oxymoron shows how she is confused about whether he is a good man or evil. She gets very defence over him though when the nurse says bad things about him. She is confused over her feeling for Romeo.

Her feeling for him change through out the play as she her picture of him changes from handsome and a good man to an evil/still good man. She still loves him very much though as she risks her life for him taking poison and then ends up killing herself as her husband committed suicide think she was dead. Another quote that explains her confusion over whether Romeo is good or bad is “honourable villain” or “Upon his brow shame is ashamed to sit” These 2 quotes explain how he is honourable to her but a villain to everyone else. And also how shame would never be a characteristic about him.

In summary she changes majorly throughout the whole play. From immature to mature and from not even thinking about marriage to marriage. Overall her as a character becomes an adult. No longer is she obeying her parents and not being in love. She has transformed to a proper young adult who knows what the word love means and its full values. Also she learns how important some people are to her and that if you want things your way you are going to have to take risks in order to full those wishes of hers. These wishes end in blood spill and peace between the 2 previously raging families.

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