The war on drugs

I am in favor of it because they are united in helping one another. They are helping the people and the country. The government is the one who helped us so as not to ruin ourselves.

The war on drugs, Rodrigo Duterte implemented the Oplan Tokhang it was the knock on the door of the home of the suspected drug user and pusher. I agree of what Duterte propose a program because we know that it can good those people who use illegal drugs and it can lessen drug user and it can ruin their lives and their family can be involved.

According to Josef Yap ” The role of education in economic development is widely acknowledged: education increases the innovative capacity of an economy and facilitates the diffusion, adoption, and adaptation of new ideas”. They are giving the youth an access education program or K-12 curriculum so that they can enhance their skills and so that he could never leave the family, religion, and country.

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The trans-ASEAN enhances the quality of human resources in the region and forming the regional identity while contributing the economic growth. For a start, students in the region when considering studying abroad generally follow the established pattern of opting for institutes outside of Southeast Asia. The South China Sea carries immense importance because they are rich in fisheries, Huge oil, and Gas. The South China Sea is the source of other countries of the fisheries, gas, and oil. According to Dr. Namrata Goswami “It is clear since 2016 when Duterte became President that he has shifted his focus to China as the pre-eminent partner,”

They have the same similarities.

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For the war on drugs, Duterte proposes a program that is good for us especially those who are using illegal drugs. As today’s generation, I see that the program he implemented is working very well I saw that illegal drugs are decreasing now a day’s and not the same past years ago. For the Trans ASEAN, they are using the K-12 curriculum the purpose of this is if the students stop at Grade 12 they can find a job. The South China Sea they are helping the other countries to get some fisheries, natural gas and huge oil. Therefore, they are helping one another because if we can’t be united as one , our country are messy.

The main purpose of the investigation was to arrest the suspects involved on illegal drugs. Bit it didn’t happen because it led to the killing and disarmament of the drug suspects. This is an apparent contradiction. Given the well-established beneficial effects of education on GDP and on GDP growth rates, the Philippines should have witnessed an era of high growth since 1975, when it had the highest rate of completion of tertiary education among developing Asian countries higher than Japan, South Korea, Taiwan or Singapore. This suggests that the problem in the Philippines has been the quality of education, rather than its availability or accessibility. In other words the South China Sea are owned by the Philippines before but President Rodrigo Duterte cant get it. So therefore, there are still an effects of it just because also the people

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