The Walnut Canyon Essay

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The Walnut Canyon

The Walnut Canyon is a United States National Monument located in Arizona, ten miles southeast of Flagstaff. The Canyon’s rim is 6690 feet and its floor is 350 feet lower. It features dwelling rooms built by Sinagua people, who lived in the area between 500 to 1425 AD (Sharp, n. p. ). Through these dwellings, the potteries and other relics that they left modern-day Americans and tourists from other countries can understand the way of life of these Sinagua people. Most of the dwelling houses of the Sinagua are located on a looping trail, which has been called the Island Trail, which descends 185 feet.

It climbs up to 7,000 feet of elevation. 25 dwelling houses can be found along this trail. There is, however, another less strenuous trail for people who are not very fit for the Island Trail—the Rim Trail. Through this trail, visitors can overlook the canyon in two areas. This also leads to the area where crops were grown by the previous dwellers of the area. Walnut Canyon was declared as a National Monument on November 30, 1915 by then President Woodrow Wilson.

This is in recognition of the historical value and the beauty and wonder that the Canyon evokes to American and foreign visitors (National Park Service, n. p). The beauty and wonder that the Canyon evokes is also the reason why it is visited by a lot of tourists from within the United States and from other countries as well. The Canyon was formed by the Walnut Creek for a period of about 60 million years. Through this very long period of time, there is a wide variety of plants and animals that developed in its walls.

There are also a variety of rock formations along the wall such as buff sandstone on the canyon’s inner gorge and limestone ledges in the upper canyon where an assortment of fossils is (National Park Service, n. p. ).

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