The Waiter Rule Essay

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The Waiter Rule

Is character an essential ingredient in ethical leadership? Is it especially important in managers? In leadership, especially among CEOs, is character important? Why? I believe character is very essential in ethical leadership. The case study mentions that you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat those in subordinate roles. It is even that much more important in management and leadership roles, such as CEO’s. Character reveals who a person really is, and how they treat others, especially those in a lower role.

Character is connected to ethics; a person with good character will have good ethics and vise versa. Do you agree with the Waiter Rule? Does it provide useful insights into who might be ethical or unethical leader? Should cooperate boards consider character when hiring someone for the top position? I agree with the Waiter Rule! I feel like someone who is truly nice and with good character will treat everyone the same. This rule provides great insight on who might be an ethical leader.

With so many ethical scandals as mentioned in the case study about CEOs in the recent years, it would be essential for corporate boards to consider character when hiring a CEO. Is using the Waiter Rule too simplistic a guideline in hiring someone people in important positions such as CEOs? I think this guideline is simple, but important. When corporate boards start to get too technical in their guidelines of hiring CEOs, they miss the important skills for a good CEO. Character as one of the most important skills in leadership can make or break a company. The Waiter Rule is the perfect way of telling if a person is truly ethical.

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