The violence on television Essay

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The violence on television

The national television violence study evaluated 10,000 hours of broadcast programming from 1995 to 1997 and found that 61% of programming portrayed interpersonal violence, much of it in an entertaining glamorized fashion. (University of California, 1998)

Point Of View A

The violence on television has reached an alarming high.  61% of programming not only shows violence but glamorizes it.  Violence is shown as an acceptable way to communicate with others.  Women are brutalized and they are done so in a manner that makes violence a form of entertainment.  This is unacceptable and is ruining our children’s perception of acceptable behavior and interpersonal relationships.  When they look to normalcy, they see shooting and personal assaults before they see confrontations which end in rational discussion.  Television is the culprit and it must be stopped.

Point of View B

The entertainment industry uses violence only sparingly and only to increase the interest and plot line of its shows.  Only 61% of television is shown to be violence and it is presented in an entertaining and fashionable way.  Violence is in everyday life.  Children are surrounded by it.  Television only uses it so that it might increase viewers and give the people what they obviously want.  After all, without violence television wouldn’t be realistic.

Many parents find the entertainment industry’s media rating difficult to use; 68% of the parents of 10-17 year olds do not use the television rating system at all, (The Henry Kaiser Foundation, 2998) and only 10% check the rating of computers or video games that their children rent or buy. (Walsh, 2000)

Point of View A

The entertainment media rating system obviously doesn’t work and should be taken away.  68% of parents don’t even use it.  It is a waste of time to try to get them to understand the system because it seems not to be a priority to them.  Regarding computer or video games, only 10% of parents check the ratings. Why continue a system that doesn’t work and frankly isn’t needed?

Point of View B

It is time for the entertainment industry to step up and take responsibility for the content of its programming.  The current system is hard to use and parents need it to help their children.  68% of parents can’t use the media rating system because they just don’t understand it.  Parents shouldn’t be the only ones held responsible for their children.  When they want to use the system, no one is there to walk them through it so that it may be used effectively in their homes.  It is an outrage that this antiquated system should be allowed to persist.  Parents are clamoring for useful rating system and someone needs to hear their cry.

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