The Veldt Essay

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The Veldt

In the short story “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury, everything starts with the purchase of their new family home. This home was not your average home because where other homes flawed this house seemed to have perfected itself. This house had features that would cater to the family such as feed them, sing to them, and even nurture them “nothing was to good for their children” said George. The greatest feature was the nursery. What this nursery would do, was catch the telepathic emanations of the children’s minds and create it in the room.

This house did everything for the family; the children quickly grew more and more fascinated by the house then there parents. Soon enough, the children realized there was no need for their parents. As time progressed the kids started to adapt to being spoiled and pampered by the house. As the story goes, one day the parents walked into their three dimensional nursery and they discovered Africa; no longer was there nursery a lovely childish room, but it was now a dead desert with feeding animals.

At first they were surprised at what their kids had been imagining then George said, “Nothing over there I can see but cleaned bone and vultures dropping for what’s left. ” Than Lydia suggested that they give a call to the psychologist because there was not any reason why kids of so little age can be imagining this. So they did just that, and the psychologist advisor agreed with them to close the nursery down, and go on a family vacation.

So George locked up the room and started turning off all there other machines that would cater to them one by one. That same night Peter and Wendy snuck into the nursery and as they were there a scream was herd all the way into their parent’s bedrooms; so George and his wife woke up to see what the commotion was about. George decided it was time to turn off everything all the machines so he did but right before he did Wendy and Peter got two minutes to say good bye.

Too much time had passed and Lydia and George began to worry; they went in the nursery and it automatically locked them in and the lions ate Peter and his wife. The following day the psychologist came to visit the family and Pater and Wendy just acted as if nothing was wrong. Wendy even offered the psychologist a cup of tea symbolizing that she had no remorse over what had occurred to her parents.

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