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The various health promotion Essay

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The various health promotion

These days eating disorders are very common illnesses and most cases of these eating disorders will start during adolescence or early adulthood, even some cases from late childhood. A lot of people will blame media and fashion world for distorted image of body. Thankfully, there are charities and organizations that help people with these illnesses. In 2004 The Department of Health instructed The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) to set guidelines for eating disorders in adults and children over the age of eight.

Later on, in 2007 the Department of Health nominated two million pounds to fund research of anorexia nervosa (Eating Disorders Information, 2009) proofing that eating disorders are not unnoticeable. The organization NICE contains beneficial information not only for people with illnesses, but their families, too. As well as NICE, there are a lot of other charities for people with eating disorder. One of them is ‘beat’ with simple but yet very persuasive vision, stating: Eating Disorders will be beaten (beat, 2009).

Furthermore celebrities is trying to raise awareness about eating disorders and being size zero, too. Louise Redknapp appeared in documentary TV show to discover dangers of drastic diets and punishing exercises in an attempt to loose weight (Eating Disorders Information, 2009). Even fashion world made first step to healthier approach in models when Milan Fashion week in 2008 banned all models of the catwalk with body mass index below 18. 5(ibid).

However, even a lot of people and specialized organizations are working towards decreasing numbers of illnesses related to eating disorders, Internet websites Pro – Ana and Pro – Mia are dismissing the danger of illnesses. These sites are working along together to promote anorexia and bulimia as a life choice rather than eating disorder. Conversely to charities that encourages people to get help and get better, Pro – Ana and Pro – Mia websites are sharing information and support with those who want to loose weight and reach a ‘size zero'(Matyszczyk, 2009).

Although these websites are dangerous for young people; they are not banned and are easily reachable for everyone with access of Internet. Consequently, in September 2009, The Royal College of Psychiatrists (2009) called for urgent governmental action, stating: Government must do more to address the dangers of pro-eating disorder websites and keep young people safe online. In a brief conclusion, eating disorders is very dangerous and is serious problem.

More and more young adolescences are getting ill because of desirer to be thin and follow “thinspiration”. Even there are a lot of reasons why people get eating disorders, media and fashion world should think more carefully towards young people and advertise the healthier image of body. The government, indeed, is aware of how big this problem is in United Kingdom, but putting more effort towards an acceptance of people of all shapes and sizes is society, would help to decreases a number of teenagers from suffering from eating disorders.

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