The Various Causes of Bullying

Cultural Causes:

In a culture that is affected with winning, power and violence, some experts state that it is unrealistic to expect that people will not get influence to have power through violence in there own lifes. Researches pointto the wwf(world wrestling federations) as glorification of bullys in the name of entertaibnment and point out the high rates of domestic violence means that many young people grow up expecting that violenve is an exceptable way to get what one want.

Institutional Causes:

If there is an institution at which the bullying is very common wheather the home, the school, or the workplace- does not have the high standards for the way people treat each other, that bullyin g may be more likeyly prevenlant.

FAMILY ISSUE: Families those are not wram and loving and in which mutual feelings are not shared are more likely to have children who bully, either within the family home or in other locality in which children need others.

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Another home environment that is trone to produce the ully is one in which discipline and monitoring are required frequety.

The Bully’s Personal History:

children who experience social rejection themselves are more liely to ‘pass it on’ to others.children who expericne acadmic falure are alsio more like;y to bully others.

Lack Of Understanding And Empathy: There are some cases in which a persom may bully others because there is an aspect of a person’s personality tht they don’t understand or don’t agree with.

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They may also have a problem against a person’s race, religion or sexual orientation and in many instances they may even think that targeting another person whom they feel as exuding wrong behavior as a good thing.

Feeling Powerless In There Own Lives:

Bullying, whether verbal , physical, or both in one way people claim a sort of power in their own life by reaching out those who seem vulnerable and attacking some aspect of their personality that make them stand out.

Someone Else Is Bullying Them:

In many cases ‘bullying begets bullying’. A person may often seems bulleied by there parents, boss or there older sibling. Usually getting bullied by any of these people wh are basically in an assumed position of authority may make some to claim that a kind of authority for themselves through bullying, rather than reaching out for help in dealing with there own personbal issues in a more productive way.

Looking For Attention:

Some bullies never think that they are actually a bully. Sometimes what happen that, in order gain others attention some students befriend the other weak ones and verbally abuse or bully them just to become the center of attraction in order to that they start doing things of that sort and doesn’t even realizes that they actually bullied someone.

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