The Value of Volunteering

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I started volunteering as a tutor for Danbury public schools on whim, but it has easily become one of the best choices I‘ve made so fart Having three siblings that had to take English as a Second Language until third grade, I’m familiar with the struggle of not being able to speak or read the language that is spoken in school, I was nervous when I called the family reading center and was eagerly accepted for tutoring children from preschool to 5‘“ grade for four hours each Sunday.

Although I was enthusiastic, I was skeptical that I could help much. I knew I’d have to practice my Spanish much more before I could converse fluently with the childrens’ parents. When I began tutoring, though, I realized how much I could help in just going over conjugations of verbs or teaching past tense to the children.

I always looked forward to Sundays when I would spend time with children reading books or listening to them read their books, or explaining their teacher’s comments on their report cards in Spanish to their parents The children helped me, too I tutored a boy who refused to read out loud for weeks until he told me that he wouldn’t read because he was afraid other people would laugh or he wouldn’t understand, As I reassured him that all he needed was hard work to improve, and that he shouldn’t have been scared to start, I realized how true that advice rang for my life Spending time with the kids in Danbury inspired me to work harder in my school work and life because it is the only way I will ever improve at anything.

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