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The Value Of Travel

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The value of travel

Travelling is a very common practise which is trending among various countries.It can be for various reasons such as for fun, spending time with family and friends or for any kind of business purposes. Travelling has become very easier with the adventures of buses, Skytrains, Aroplanes, ferries ,cars as compared to the previous years. Travelling is also a source of income for many countries such as China ,India and so on because many no. Of tourists visit there as they are attached by its beauty as well as water sports.

Travelling is the most incredible recreational activity. Different types of masses like to visit different types of masses like to visit different places as childeren like to go , yongsters preffer to visit lakes, beaches, clubs and senior people want to see religious places,park,gardens where they meet their own age people. Some of the businessmen get profit by trading in various countries as they make a big deal with many firms for running their business successfully.

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Travelling allow them to establish their products all over the globle. Also they learn new business skills from successful or expert companies. So it is very beneficial for the businessmen as well as the tradesmen.

Travelling can increase the knowledge of the person too as visiting to various historical places reveals the truth as well as provides the knowledge about what happened in the past. These places are preserved by Goverment and historic lovers . Travelling for work or studies from one country to another also allows the students to get deeper knowledge about various subjects .

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As I remember the day when I went to see a big Zoo during my School days. I was extremely excited because it was my first time when I was travelling outside. I saw many species of birds and animals there, while normally we can see two or three types. I was totally surprised after travel because I never seen this amazing place before. Furthermore, Scientist and experts travel for new inventions as go on new plants and try to find life is possible or impossible there. Therefore, it is very beneficial as well as a leisure time activity. So we should travel and try to explore new things from which we are unaware.

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