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The Value of the Roman Empire

Categories Civilization, History, Roman empire

Essay, Pages 5 (1023 words)



Essay, Pages 5 (1023 words)

The meditations reflect the value of the Roman empire by proving that the Romans value philosophy, education, and diligence. This document, titled the meditations by Marcus Aurelius, was written in Rome during the year 171 A.D. In this document the author discusses his thought and ideas on Stoic philosophy. He believes that someone could live a great life thought they have to live life according to certain rules. He believed each and everyone was connected to nature in some way. Marcus Aurelius believed that strength is needed in life, but also wisdom and self-control.

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Marcus Aurelius not only states his many beliefs in the meditations but also gives us a glimpse of how the Romans lead their lives and the many they value throughout their lives. The meditations of Marcus Aurelius reflect the values of the Roman empire because of its values such as stoic philosophy, diligence, and Romans beliefs in gods.

Marcus Aurelius reflects roman values by proving that Romans life revolves around philosophy.

Marcus Aurelius argues that philosophy is essential to someones everyday lives. philosophy is common knowledge which someone is expected to have. “It\’s not merely a subject to write or learn about, but it was expected to provide a “design for living”- asset of rules one lives by”. This shows the Romans valued philosophy since it states that a provided a design for living. It states that the Romans learned it which means that philosophy was viewed as a subject to learn it like math and science.

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The roman judge philosophy enormously since it was like a school subject. All in all, the Romans valued philosophy enough for it to be thought by Romans. \”concentrate every minute like a woman like a man on doing what\’s in front of you with precision and genuine seriousness, tenderly, willingly and with justice”. This proves that the roman valued philosophy greatly since Marcus says that they viewed and guide themselves like a roman this means they were guided by philosophy. The Romans lived their lives with the thought of being serious and accurate with themselves. This suggests that philosophy is a big part of a Romans life. Romans values were reflected by the meditation by proving that the importance of philosophy. This gives the Romans rules to live by and how to guide themselves according to philosophy itself.

Marcus Aurelius reflects the Romans values by proving the Romans beliefs in their Gods. Gregory Hayes argues that Romans strongly believes in their gods and how they relate to their beliefs in philosophy. It states“More specifically, it is controlled and directed by an all-pervading (in all things ) force that the Stoics designated by the term logos… In this, it is synonymous with “nature”, “Providence”, or “God”…All events are determined by the logos, and follow in an unbreakable chain of cause and effect.” This suggests that the Romans believe in Gods because in the quote it states that they are controlled by logos. This shows that the Romans valued gods since they were controlled by them. The Romans believe in their God is strong since they do not mind being controlled by their Gods. This proves that the Romans believe in God since it states that their events were determined by their gods . in order words the Romans believed in their gods is powerful. It states “ you see how few things you have to do to live a satisfying and recent life? If you can manage this, that\’s all even the gods can ask of you….” This shows that the Romans valued their beliefs in their gods because it says that the gods can ask of you. means the Romans believed in gods and gods demands from them. If the Romans listen to their gods it means they have respect for the gods. In order words, this quote means that the Romans strongly believed in their Gods. In order words, the Romans believed that the Gods have a purpose and meaning in their life. Thus, the Meditations reflect how the Romans beliefs in their Gods acted on their actions and how they lived life.

Marcus Aurelius reflects the Romans value by proving that Romans value diligence. Gregory Hayes argues that the Romans were extremely hard workers. It states “ for Marcus and his contemporaries( people who lived at the same time as him), the situation was very different. Ancient philosophy certainly has it academic sise”. This proves that the Romans value diligence because they not only use it as every day took bit Also uses it as part of their educación. This proves that the Romans works hard to gain more knowledge. This suggests that the meditations reflect the Romans diligence. It states “concentrate every minute like a Román-like a man-on doing what\’s in front of you with precise and genuine seriousness willingly, with justice…yes, you can if you do everything as if it were the last thing you were doing in your life.” This shows the Romans value diligence because in the do everything in front of you with precise which means work hard on everything you do. The words genuine seriousness that Marcus Aurelius use shows that the Romans take everything they are doing seriously. Romans believed that they are doing seriously and not like a joke. Marcus also states to do everything like it the last thing you were doing means do everything with a goodwill and hard work. Thus, the action of diligence is something that the Romans take very seriously and value extremely.

The meditations entitle by Marcus Aurelius reveals the Roman Empire\’s many values such as philosophy, schooling, and also their beliefs. The meditations inform historians about the many things in the past, such as what they studied, their way of living and also how they carry themselves. The document tells historians about past beliefs. In many cases, the past beliefs in their gods are one the of the many things that the document tells. Marcus Aurelius document not only helps historians better understand the past but it also helps many improved themselves in many ways. The meditations help someone better understand themselves through his writing.

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