The Value of Teaching Critical Thinking

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The teaching of critical thinking is considered an essential goal that must be pursued at the present time in order to help the students to address the issues and situations facing them and develop their abilities to explore and solve problems and others.

The importance of teaching critical thinking can be summed up through the most important points:

It makes us more honest with ourselves, It also helps us to imagine ourselves in the place of others, and then to understand their views, to develop our ability to listen to them with an open mindset, and to gain students a systematic study of many subjects, such as logic, literature, art and history.

Use a mind Instead of our emotions, we can identify our feelings and connect them logically to our emotions. It also develops an ideal national education and a high sense of interaction with the paper society, its advancement, and a sense of political participation .

It also improves student achievement in various subjects.

It also encourages discussion and dialogue, broad horizons, ability to communicate, and negotiation between teachers and students. It also improves awareness of issues on the global, regional and local levels and has the capacity to deal with these issues in a critical spirit. It can improve the individual’s ability to self-learn and understand cultural differences among civilizations and contribute to interfaith dialogue and intercultural dialogue.

Critical thinking is not so much about the aspects of our lives because some morals do not need to be thought.

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They are proven and inevitable from the creation of mankind … Thinking about them is atheism of the divine and can cause mental fragmentation .

Your critical thinking makes you more honest with yourself, and you will not be afraid to admit that you were wrong, make you learn from your mistakes, and be more independent.

Critical thinking helps you to imagine yourself in others’ place, and then the possibility to understand their views, and to develop your ability to listen to them with an open mind, even if their views are contrary to you.

Critical thinking improves your ability to use your mind instead of your emotions, you can identify your feelings, connect them logically to your thoughts, and help you develop better levels of thinking. Critical thinking helps you make wise decisions in everyday life and improves your ability to look hard on many things.

Your practice of critical thinking builds your ability to discuss, dialogue, communicate, and negotiate with others.

How to develop our thinking skills is to create a good information environment:

You have to look at everything that can be thought-provoking, because inputs influence and reflect on outputs. You can find magazines and commercials, listen to lectures, spend more time with thinkers, The puzzling can be recorded on a paper and placed in a preferred place of thought to motivate it later on to think.

Spend time with thoughtful thinkers: You can spend more time with thoughtful people and take their opinions and advice on some topics. You can also ask many suggestions for them to know their point of view and know their way of thinking. It is also not wrong to authenticate people who have special personalities and personalities who have accomplished and created a lot in their lives They have the ability to learn and constantly develop their personalities.

Sit in a suitable place to think: thinking needs training and practice cannot be acquired by coincidence, there are people who start thinking about places different from other people, some of them prefer to think in the embrace of nature and some prefer to think in a closed room and behind the office, Also Continuing training gives a stronger opportunity to develop and utilize this skill.

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