The Value of Listening Essay

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The Value of Listening

What is the value of listening?

-Did you know that we spend more time in listening than we do reading, writing, or speaking? 40% of our communication time accounts listening.
-Through listening we learn to anticipate the action of others and to gauge their emotions Listening is one of the two important activities in the communication process. Ex: Through classroom lectures, conversations, group meetings, electronic media. If in case you are task to speak; you reach out to your audience right? In turn, as a listener, you respond to queries and questions from the audience.

Listeners provide two kinds of feedback
Immediate Feedback: refers to those verbal and nonverbal responses during an interaction. It can be direct or indirect
Direct is like when someone ask you a question after the speech
Indirect mean when someone yawns, frowns, nodding of heads or other nonverbal cues to reactions.
Delayed Feedback: refers to those oral; auditory, or visual signals received after the speech has been delivered like those sound of applause or boos, clapping or stamping or written evaluations from instructors.

Hearing and Listening
Hearing: is the physiological process of receiving sound waves that travel through the air and set up vibration on the eardrums and is transmitted to the brain.
Factors that interfere with hearing: Distracting noise in the environment, audio sound are too loud or too soft, or illness, hearing loss.

Listening: on the other hand, is the cognitive process whereby people attach meaning to aural signals. After sound waves are translated to nerve impulses by the middle ear , they’re sent to the brain for interpretation.

Barriers to good listening
If we are going to improve our listening skills we will have to remove these barriers from our mentals habits

a.)Passive listening- many of us are just plain lazy listeners, hoping that the speaker will be exceptionally clear. In turn, we forget more brilliant speeches and conversations than we remember. Ex: a student is reviewing and reading his notes while the student is passively listens to music b.)Drifting Thoughts; You are disrupted by internal perpetual field. Meaning you are imagining thing inside your head or making a world of your own, or day dreaming. Ex: thinking about other things example deadline of your term paper in economics or distracted by irritating tricycle engine sound. Or looking at your friends bald head while it is being glare by the sun c.)Intrusion of the past: memories of past events can be triggered by a mere word or a reference to a place.

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