The Use Of Internet for Kristine Rica Resort



Most people are fond of hotel and resorts because these is where we have fun, bond with their family and friends, do some recreational activities and/or just simply enjoy, relax and take a break from those stressful things at work or at school.

Kristine Rica Resort is found in Sinasajan, Penaranda, Nueva Ecija owned by Ms. Cristina Pagunsan. Its wide space that covers 15000 square meters can really provide the relaxation that vacationers want for their vacation.

The resort consists of 13 rooms; 4 single rooms that can accommodate a group of 2, 4 double rooms for a group of 4, 4 family rooms for a group of 11, a dormitory room that can accommodate 22 people and 2 conference halls that can accommodate 100 people.

The resort has 2 swimming pools but adding more are still on plan. They also offer catering services for events and gathering making it a total package. But, it’s not easily found. One has to drive forty-five minutes from the town of Penaranda to get there.

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Also there are some resorts nearby that are worthy for the competition, making it hard for the resort to get customers.

The researchers acknowledge the fact that people nowadays are dependent on the Internet – they search for and do everything on the Internet. For this reason, they intend to develop a Website and Online Reservation for Kristine Rica Resort

Website and Online Reservation for Kristine Rica Resort is basically just a website for the resort to promote their place. However the researchers added a feature that will benefit both the management of the resort and the customers, – the online reservation.

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The purpose of this system is to make the resort easy to find through the internet, and also it will serve as a virtual tour of the place.


The main objective of the study is to develop and evaluate an official website for Kristine Rica Resort
This study aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  • To develop an official website for Kristine Rica Resort;
  • To develop an Online reservation feature for the website of Kristine Rica Resort;
  • To evaluate the official website in terms of: Reliability, Integrity, Maintainability, Portability, Flexibility, Efficiency, Security
  • To encourage vacationers and travelers to visit Kristine Rica Resort – through advertising by means of the website.
  • Easy terms of reservation and payments to help both customers and the management.


The study is very much significant for the resort because of the following reasons: It would define as one of the important information resources. It provides all the information regarding the resort such as availability of the rooms, room rates, location, terms and condition, mode of payment and other related contents in regards of the resort. The study will result to an easier communications between the management and the customer. The study will be beneficial to the following:

  • Customers – The study will help the customers to learn everything about the resort in terms of accommodations, location, sites, etc.
  • The management of Kristine Rica Resort – This study will be significant to the management because it will provide as a source of information regarding the business and also to promote and advertise the services the resort offers.
  • The future researchers of NEUST SIC – The future researchers will benefit the study as a source of information about researching also providing those ideas and knowledge on how to gather information.
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The Use Of Internet for Kristine Rica Resort

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