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The Usability. gov website appears very user-friendly, simple and enables the user to perform the activities mentioned. The user can easily follow and perform the tasks mentioned in the website. The user is very much satisfied whilst navigating through the website. The errors present on the website are minimal, and if removed could help to improve the quality of the website further. Relevant information is put under relevant headings. The Graphics present in the website are minimal, and hence providing more graphics would definitely make the website appear more attractive.

The author’s name and the credentials are not mentioned. However, the organization’s name has not been mentioned. The date of authoring and updating the webpage has not been mentioned. If this data is provided, it would definitely help the user to determine if the information is current. Overall, the website appears to be very good in quality The Transparencynow. com website is efficient, and the information provided appears to be simple and easy to follow only to a certain extent.

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The user may not be very much satisfied with the content put on the website.

A few errors may be present on the website which would be definitely interfering with the quality. The website does appear to be user-friendly to a reasonable extent. In several places on the website, irrelevant information is present which would definitely lower the quality standards. The graphics and the design of the website do not appeal and hence the user-friendliness is affected. The author’s name and the date of authoring and updating are not given.

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It would definitely help if more graphics are put in and the website appears more user-friendly.

The author’s name and the data of authoring or updating should also be given, which would help the user to determine the validity and currency of the information. Further, a reduction of errors, irrelevancy and design would definitely help improve the quality of the website. Overall, the website appears to be average in quality. The USeit. com website appears to be efficient and provide the user with relevant information. The information provided is also simple and easy to comprehend. It does satisfy the user to a large extent. The author’s/organization name and the date of authoring/updating have been clearly mentioned.

The website has clear heading and can be easily navigated. The information is put under relevant heading. However, the aesthetic design of the website is not so appealing, with links not placed in a clear manner and the information being put in a rather haphazard way. The graphics present on the website is also minimal. The information provided on each webpage is relevant to a greater extent. Overall, the website would be good in quality. The quality would definitely improve if the design is made more user-friendly and if the graphics are improve.

Small errors should be removed and the information should be placed in a more convenient manner for the user.


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