The Upsides and Downsides of Divorce 

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Dissolutions in marriages are common across the world. They may originate from both internal and external factors. As a result, a couple moves to terminate their relationship and thus reorganizes their responsibilities in the family. In the presence of children, the decision on their parenting becomes settled in a court of law. Most marriages going through divorce today has been caused by a third-party influence. It may be because of one party cheating on the other, financial crisis, and extended family problems.

In the contemporary society, divorce can be both positive and negative. For instance positively, one is able to relax or concentrate more in their career; negatively, it can cause trauma in children or emotional imbalance on the divorcee.

There are numerous upsides of a divorce especially when the marriage was toxic. For instance, one finds a chance to relax due to the freedom that get. Marriages usually come with numerous responsibilities and sometimes it can be hard finding time for a personal treat.

After divorce, one is able to invite their friends, venture out for outdoor activities, and be able to focus on their career. When a person marries another, it means that they are committed to the happiness of the other. Therefore, when there are consistent disagreements that lead to unhappiness, one should feel free to leave. Furthermore, it makes no sense when a person lives unhappy for the rest of their lives.

The person married to now may be toxic for your children. For instance, the husband of the children may be a drunkard or an addict of other drugs.

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As a result, they are unable to perform their parenting role. This behavior may serve as a bad example to the children. For the mother to bring up the children in a better condition and under better parenting, a divorce may help her to concentrate on the children. As a result, it relieves the mother the stress of having a non-performing husband. Therefore, they are able to focus on their careers or business.

As seen above, divorce can be of an advantage to either of the party or both. However, there are is the downside of a divorce. First, divorce has a negative impact on the children. For instance, the children may be used to a certain lifestyle that the mother alone cannot sustain due to finances. Therefore, they are forced to scale down thus affecting their living conditions, which results in mental discomfort. In addition, one cannot overlook the role of a father figure in the house. The father serves as the protection for the family and often becomes the role model to the sons. Therefore, the unavailability of the father will be a disadvantage to the sons who will lack a role model.

Often divorce causes emotional instability. In some cases, emotional pain can last for several years before recovery. This situation may disrupt the proper functioning of the mind thus affecting other areas of one’s life. For instance, one may become a non-performer at work or just become lazy of following their dreams. Similarly, it can affect a person’s relationship with other people. Therefore, divorced persons are encouraged to see a counselor for them to recover from the impact of divorce.

The above discussion points illustrate some of the upsides and downsides of a divorce. A couple should consider evaluating the pros and cons of separating before they officially divorce. They perhaps could assess the impact it will have on their children, of both them, and the world around them. After assessing these issues, they can settle on a final decision. Most psychologists recommend for a couple to take a break from the relationship to settle their differences. After the break, they will realize the importance or disadvantage of being with each other. After weighing the options, they can then settle on a divorce.

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