The Upside of Anger? Essay

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The Upside of Anger?

A researcher doing a case study on emotions in organizations interviewed Laura, a person who is very dissatisfied with her job. Laura described her workplace as cold and unproductive and explained how she is surviving in this hostile environment. It seems that she has learned not to care about her job and sees it as a means to an end. She used to care but now she just goes with it. Everybody need get paid. 1. Do you think Laura is justified in her responses to her organization’s culture? Why or why not? Yes. Laura explained very clearly how the management at her workplace works. She is afraid of losing her job and has learned to go along with it in order to stay employed.

2. Do you think Laura’s strategic use and display of emotions serve to protect her? No. I do not believe that her strategies and display of emotions will protect her. Changes in her emotions just to accommodate her environment will help her make it through the day but will take a toll on her in the long run.

3. Assuming that Laura’s description is accurate, how would you react to the organization’s culture? If Laura’s description is accurate I would say that this organization’s culture is very negative. Management at her place of employment is not working towards retaining their employees. Using fear tactics with employees will only push them to look for other jobs or if they stay they will be less productive, doing as little as they can just to stay under the radar. I would definitely do my best to find a new place of employment.

4. Research shows that acts of co-workers (37 percent) and management (22 percent) cause more negative emotions for employees than do acts of customers (7 percent) What can Laura’s company do to change its emotional climate? The first thing that the company needs to do is become aware that there is a problem. Upper management will need to be involved, not direct reports to. Once upper management is involved they should conduct anonymous employee surveys. This will allow them to see how the workforce actually feels. Any changes that upper management sees fit to be implemented will need to come from the top.

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