The university and colleges authorities Essay

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The university and colleges authorities

Blogging presents the users with a unique opportunity to express themselves and air their views on different issues. It gives the students a chance to communicate with their peers on different issue. To many this is an opportunity to tell others what one believes or feels concerning a certain issue. It also gives the user a chance to earn some income depending on the number of people who respond to the issues raised by the person initiating the blog. Basically what is a blog?

Blog has been described as a term which is used to describe those website which maintain a continuos series of information which is arranged in a systematic manner. By systematic I mean the information is a arranged according to the time that it was posted. The site is frequently updated . This from of communication dwells on various issues from personal to politics. One can focus on a wide issue or a narrow one depending on ones wish. Therefore blog can be fun informative,entertaining and at the same time it can be used as atool of spreading malicious information concerning a person or a group of people.

At the same time blog can be used to offend a certain person or a society. (Bruns, A and Joanne J 2006) Blogging can be used for various purposes by different people,in colleges and universities it has become a tool where students attack each other through posting information which can damage a personal character. Although the American constitution through the first amendment guarantees every citizen the freedom of speech the authorities in the laerning institution should control the use of blog to pass information which can interfere with other students learning process.

Hate speeches are common among the students in our laerning institutions,internet has played a very big role in promoting this culture as students can post hate speeches anonymously in the internet. Since access to the websites which provide blog is not restricted to any user anybody can bump on such information. Through reading the content one may feel disoriented and will be affected negatively by the message. This will affect the person phychologically and may go to an extent of affecting the student education depending on the kind of message or information that was relayed. (Kline, D and Burstein, D. 2007 34)

Restricting blog which are mostly used to insult and demean others is the best thing that can happen in our institution of higher learning. This will ensure that the learning process is smooth if all the other factors remain constant. This will also guarantee each and every srudents right to a dignified life in the institution. It will protect the most vulnerable group as far as hate speech is concerned. The most tergeted groups include the women,people from different races,disabled or basically those students who have some weakness as far as the college society is concerned.

These are people who need protection since they are prone to such henous acts which can leave them traumatized to an extent where their education is intefered with. (Ringmar, E 2007 56) The freedom guaranteed by the American constitution does not give us a leeway to spread rumors against others, pass on some information which can hurt other people or even more give messages which are inciting in nature or pass on messages with a purpose of hurting others.

The law clearly spells out that such an action would be tantamount to interfering with other people’s affairs in a manner that suggests that one is malicious and at the same time lacks respect for the others. Regulation of blogs which spread such kind of message will ensure that those vulnerable groups are protected from those malicious people who are only interested in hurting other people’s emotions. The universities authorities ought to take the first step in getting all those culprits who are out to hurt other feeling.

Though such a move may attract great opposition it is a move in the right direction as the same constitution that promotes free speech articulates clearly the rights of very American to lead a decent life. Blogs which promote such kind information do not only violate a person freedom but also affects their lives. One may argue that why put so much emphasize on the blogs yet hate speeches are made day and day out in our colleges. One has to appreciate that internet is accessed by many people who are not restricted from visiting sites especially those which largely deals with the blog.

This means that if a negative or a hate speech is posted targeting a certain group the message will spread far and wide within a very short time. This will affect the targeted people emotionally and psychologically because they may not be in a position to react or behave different in such circumstances. (Bruns, A and Joanne J 2006 38) Emergence of blog has presented some very complicated issues concerning the rights of those who may be targeted by some of the information posted.

There have been several cases which have been filed touching on blog and hate speech. It is a form of defamation where perpetrators can be sued in a court of law. May be to start with ,the authorities in our learning institution should sue such character as their aim is harm others while trying to make themselves popular. Through such an action they will be moving in the right direction in curbing such practices in the institutions where students are supposed to be nurtured in a manner where they respect each other.

It might be difficult to unmask some of the bloggers who use anonymous addresses but with the advancement of technology this should be an easy task. Involvement of internet service providers in unmasking these malicious people would yield some fruits since they have the proper machinery in netting the culprits. The effects of hate speech have far much reaching effects especially for the students who can be very vulnerable due to their conditions. It impacts some form of resentment to a certain group of people especially those who have characteristics which the blogger writes against.

It may also lead to withdrawal of the victim as they tend to come to terms with the message being relayed. This means that the student will not be in a position to concentrate in their studies. (Alavi, N. 2005 26) The university and colleges authorities should not only aim at curbing the practice but should embark on a program where the students are sensitized on the dangers of hate speech especially through blogs. They should be made to understand hate speeches can ignite conflict between different people within the learning institution.

Such a conflict can be detrimental to their learning process as they will live in fear of attack from the other group. Another danger as far as this practice is concerning is the time involved. Such a time is supposed to be used to study but most of the students will spend most of their time blogging, an activity which is time consuming. This means that the student will not have enough time as they embark on an activity which is very addictive in nature.

Blog when used for the right purpose can have very positive effect but when it is used to hurt other people it has some serious effect on those whom are targeted and at the same time for those who post them. We should not abuse the systems provided for us to ease the process of communication and passing relevant information rather we should utilize such opportunities ti reap as much benefits as possible. The universities can be successful in addressing this issue as they have the capacity to control what the students’ access in the networks provided by the institution.

Mostly giving the students the right information can also go along way in ensuring that hate speech is not spread through the internet in form of blog. Work cited Bruns, A and Joanne J Uses of Blogs, Peter Lang, New York, (2006) Alavi, N. We Are Iran: The Persian Blogs, Soft Skull Press, New York,( 2005) Ringmar, E A Blogger Manifesto:Free speech and cesorship in the age of internet,London,Anthem Press(2007) Kline, D and Burstein, D. Blog: How the Newest Media Revolution is Changing Politics, Business, and Culture, Squibnocket Partners, (2005).

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