The United Way of America Essay

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The United Way of America

The United Way of America is a charitable, nonprofit organization that works with over 1300 offices throughout the country, and a coalition of charitable organizations, including Planned Parenthood. Although some people disagree with the practices of Planned Parenthood, others feel it is a woman’s right. The United Way of America, and Planned Parenthood, have helped their surrounding communities in a number of ways. By making measurable changes in the communities they serve through partnerships with schools, government agencies, businesses, financial institutions, corporations, organized labor unions, and voluntary Homeowners associations.

The United Way of America first had its roots in an organization founded by church leaders in 1887 in Denver, Colorado called the Charity Organization Society. The Charity Organization Society, later developed into the United Way, after several name changes, in 1963. The United Way of America has helped their surrounding communities in many ways, and it continues to grow today. United Way of America is based in Alexandria, Virginia, and is a nonprofit organization that works with over 1300 local United Way offices throughout the country.

The United Way of America tends to focus on identifying and building upon the strengths of the local communities in which they inhabit (Britannica Encyclopedia,2008). Although the American United Way helps many diverse charitable organizations, it tends to help along a common theme, which includes; helping the youth succeed through engagement programs, helping and strengthening families, in proving healthcare accessibility, and lastly, promoting financial stability. In August of 1995 United Way began to support Planned Parenthood, by offering owners the ability to contribute to the operations of Planned Parenthood.

The good news about donating to the United Way is that the donations are monitored from a budgetary standpoint, as well as all programs and services. The United Way agencies have independent CPA audits that are available to anybody who request them, simply by calling. The United Way helps their local communities in many ways, and offer assistance in giving temporary financial aid to families in need, providing transportation for those with none, and also providing criminal and legal services to those who cannot afford any.

The United Way has been known to help in many devastating situations, such as the tragic Tsunami, that struck South Asia. In 2004 when a massive tsunami struck South Asia, the United Way organized an emergency recovery team, and headed up response efforts, identifying what was needed most by the devastated communities. The United Way is also responsible for raising more than $425 million for the affected families of the September 11 families (http://uwtb. org).

Planned Parenthood, an associate member of the United Way, is also helped their surrounding communities in many ways. Planned Parenthood was originally the Birth Control Federation of America, founded in 1939, which latter became known as Planned Parenthood in 1942. Planned Parenthood joined the movement to legalize abortion in the 1973 courtroom case of Roe versus Wade in which the Supreme Court legalized the practice of abortion. Planned Parenthood has helped many young confused teenagers cope with the burdens of teenage pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood has recently expanded its services through the 70s 80s and 90s, to include offering sex education, prenatal care, infertility services, treatment for sexually transmitted disease’s and cancer screening (Encarta Encyclopedia, 2008). Since its inception in the early 1940s, Planned Parenthood and local affiliates have been involved in a number of legal suits involving the issue of a woman’s access to abortion, in which the national office fought to protect all aspects of reproductive rights, from client confidentiality, to preserving federal funding for family planning.

Although many disagree with the idea of abortion, and resent institutions such as Planned Parenthood, it has helped millions of young teenagers, as well as adults, not just with abortion issues, but also with those concerning sexually transmitted diseases, and positive family planning. Although many may dislike Planned Parenthood, it has helped there surrounding communities and a number of ways.

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