The United States' Public Education System

Albert Einstein once said, “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” Modern day schooling is an unfortunate, widely unaddressed epidemic, and not only does this education system make fish climb trees, it makes them climb down, then do a 800 meter race. There are a multitude of problems within the secondary school system through college, from the flaws in common core, to the financial crisis that 66% of students go through.

The United States’ public education system at the higher levels is usefully built for only a handful of students, and still fails to benefit that handful in many ways, shapes, and forms.

High school doesn’t prepare students for college or life in general, makes lesser performing students feel not needed, and doesn’t prepare straight A students for the reality of life, that hardships will come. The unemployment rate for high school graduates doesn’t differ much from college graduates Nothing has changed in schooling in a long time yet it has been around for a really long time Happiness and grades have a direct correlation with many factors Health in teens is vital to optimal performance and not many have that, and those who usually take time out of their school work to focus on it, not create time for both, i.

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e. time management.

Not every student is the same, so not all of them should be taught the same Teacher’s wages.

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The college has become the destination, not an option for many paths to life. There are alternatives not usually explored that could benefit just as much if not more than college Prices are insane and this notion that college is a must in life makes it look like a money making machine producing robots instead of learning institutions trying to change the world Ways to serve in making college cheaper, more accessible, and how to not go but be just as happy or achieve your dreams A lot of things learned are so easily accessible with the internet now-a-days we don’t really need.

Textbooks or professors to feed us the information, we need them to tell us how to apply it, use it in everyday life, or do something with the knowledge outside of choosing a letter on a test What has been done by policy makers and leaders of the country to change, or rather, not change this situation. How Obama’s and Bush’s policies helped or didn’t help much in the education system. What could be done in policy to gradually make change into an entirely better institution. Alternatives to public schooling that have become better but could just be integrated into the system to help out. Ways we can learn from our country’s past, as well other countries schooling

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