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The United States Population Essay

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The United States Population

Looking back at history, the population has increased and decreased naturally over and over again. Therefore, population size per se isn’t a problem to deal with. The problem being faced by countries nowadays, with the rapid effects of Globalization, is the current position in the Global arena. That way can we determine the sustainability of one country.

When we look at the world trend now, Obviously America has its own unique ways in coping up with it. The United States, being a Federal State, has autonomy over differnet states, thus makes the entire country progressive in their own ways. However, not all countries are like this. Therefore, one must consider some factors that contribute to the current situation of a country now.

The question of sustainability depends on how a particular country copes up with the world. There are several factors that affects it. First is the Global relation or the external affairs of a country. This is vital since the progressiveness of a country reflects its relationship with the outside world. Second is the Economic Level of a country. Economy is said to be the backbone of every country, thus having a strong economy would mean a strong country. Third is the Governmental policy which is also about Taxes imposed by the government to the people.

The imposition of taxes should be in accordance with the situation of the citizenry. There are two kinds of taxes. One is the direct tax imposed by the government and the other is what we pay to the food or clothings we have, the indirect taxes. The second is more evident to us. Another policy is on population control wherein it is the responsibility of every individual to control having many children. All these factors circumnavigate only in one aspect, and that is the question of sustainability of a country.

The United States, has always been a planned country, from its external to internal affairs. Since time immemorial, the US has also been highlighted with great leaders. The leader’s control over the people is also of great contribution to the progressiveness of the country. The US has met the aforementioned factors for its sustainability from before to its current situation.

However, the government cannot finally control the population since there are also unforseen circumstances (force majeure, Law) that cannot be control by man like war, typhoon, earthquakes, floods that could decrease the population naturally. These events that man tends to control are in fact beyond the limits of his capacity. Another aspect is the country’s political stability. Mass immigration of Hispanics could make the political future unstable. Another undeniable aspect is that the governmetnal policy favors the rich.

However, we can make the best for population control like for example the govenmental policy on Education. More educated citizens can easily comprehend the policy implemented by the government, thus communication by the government and the poeple is indespensable. The fact that the United Sates is an advance country with its technology and resources it can cope up,  notwithstanding its population, with the outside world. Indeed its true that the US has an enormous population, but with great leaders together with planned policies for the entire citizenry and the entire country as well, I could say that the United States of America can vey well survive in the long run.

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