The United States of Boo Essay

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The United States of Boo

Has Michael Moore made it all clear now? There is no terrorist threat! At least if you choose to believe in his most convincing but rather manipulating arguments in this case of terrorist attacks on the United States.

From the very beginning of this article, Michael Moore argues from his own perspective and his own opinions, which is also what this movie producer is very well know for. His status as a recognized producer with movies, dealing with American political issues, can make the receiver forget that Michael Moore is a strong critic of the Bush administration.

Throughout the article Michael Moore tries to convince the readers, that the threat by terrorists isn’t the real problem and it’s blown out of proportions by the Bush administration. He points out, that Americans rarely are targets for international terrorist attacks and the risk of being killed in a terrorist attack on American soil, the following years after the 9/11, were zero. Statistically the risk of dying from pneumonia, suicide, homicide or car-accidents is higher than dying from a terrorist attack. He says that the American people have been pounded with the belief of being scared by the terrorist attacks, which has escalated and gone beyond common sense.

The real issue of this very outspoken subject is, according to Michael Moore, the matter of how the Bush administration portrays the terrorist attacks to the people, by on purpose to blow it out of proportions.

By these arguments, which are based on statistics, he uses Logos to appeal to the common sense with information from, what seems to be, a professional and believable source.

According to Michael Moore, the question of political influence of the information that has been given to the American people by the Bush administration has made the administration even more questionable.

He says that the attacks have given the Bush administration an opportunity -“a moment handed to them by fate”- to tighten the grip of the people and thereby gain control and at the same time get the people to support the Bush administrations efforts to make the United States of America dominate the world.

Michael Moore hereby refers to the last form of the appeals with Pathos were he appeals to big emotions in people. By a statement like the Bush administration wants to dominate the world, he plays on the people’s emotions. Most people would feel betrayed and cheated by the leading American administration like the Bush administration, if the support from the people would be an outcome to make the United States of America a world dominator.

Even though Michael Moore has some distinct denigration to the Bush-administration, he admits that he himself has been affected by the terrorist attacks and that he also suffers from irrational fear. Whenever he travels, he’s suspicious enough to travel with a baseball and shoelaces as legal weapons. “Whatever it takes, by any means necessary, I ain’t goin’ down without a fight”.

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