The United States of America Essay

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The United States of America

The year is 2039 in the United States of America. There is a new mandatory government law and procedure that requires all American citizens to adhere to. The procedure is called the Ein which is a German word that means “one”. The procedure changes all normal human beings as we know them into super intelligent people and reconstructs them into beautiful beings. The process starts on an automatic escalator on which the human being rides, and travels from one machine to the next.

The first machine controls the brain by using an automatic electronic head piece that descends from above onto the human head. The electronic headpiece shocks the brain and reprograms everything that is sympathetic such as emotions, empathy and creativity. After that part of the brain is completely numbed, the computer programming begins to transform the mind, turning everyone who enters into alienated, egocentric human beings. After the process is done, the human is totally dumbfounded and automatically moves to the next machine which is called the Van-Trans.

To keep the human from feeling any pain, he or she is first injected with a super pain reliever and then the human’s skeleton reshapes into a human box. After the person is shaped like a box, the Van-Trans start the reshaping procedure. After molding and trimming, the person is created into a supermodel form. This is a governmental standard requirement for all people to follow who resides within the United States. All of the humans who are recreated are referred to as Supers by the government. Finally, when the procedure is finished, the Super is now allowed to exit the Machine.

On one occasion after having the procedure done, there was a young woman who witnesses a little girl who was hurt in a car accident and she needed the young woman’s help. The little girl was unconscious and no one would help her because of how the required procedure affects everyone who has the procedure done. All of their emotions and compassion is removed during the procedure. Therefore, the woman just stepped right over the child having no feeling at all for the little girl. The world has been turned into a heartless society.

The government has created a society that is numb to having feelings and worships their intellect and outer man. “Power has become so subtle and complex a thing […] that only a subtle mind can watch it work; here it is still limited, still visible” (LeGuin 5). The people’s only power is their knowledge but they use their knowledge to get over on others who are not Supers like them. “Nothing succeeds like success” (LeGuin 5). Works Cited LeGuin, Ursula K. The Left Hand Of Darkness. New York: Walker And Company, 1969.

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