The United States Military Essay

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The United States Military

The United States currently accounts for nearly fifty percent (50%) of the global military spending at fort-eight percent (48%).  This figure has grown since 1998 but has increased dramatically since the 9/11 attacks in 2001.  One of the main items on the military spending list of the United States is on ensuring the safety of American soldiers.  In pursuit of this goal, the government has made sure that all American soldiers receive the best equipment and training possible.  It is therefore the subject of this discourse that the increased military spending by the United States government is to ensure that American soldiers receive the best equipment possible because these soldiers are the greatest asset of the United States Military.

            Since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the United States has deployed its troops to various countries around the world to combat terrorism.  Deployment in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan are hostile and dangerous places that pose a grave danger to the lives of all the soldiers stationed there.  Given this situation, it is imperative upon the United States government to increase military spending in order to ensure the safety of the lives of these soldiers.

            This increased spending has paid off.  Command Sergeant Major William Gainey, has remarked that “(American) young men and women of all the services are better trained and have more combat experience than anyone in the last two generation.”

This level of confidence is supported by the fact that over the past few years the United States Army has invested much of its budget in the acquisition of the best equipment available.  There are currently 13,000 level 1 Up-Armored HMMWVS units from only 350 a few years ago and also 919,425 new sets of Interceptor Body Armor.  This means that American soldiers are not only better trained and prepared for the battlefield situation but that they are also well equipped to deal with anything in the battle zone.

            The improvements have not ended there as FCS Program Manager Maj. Gen. Charles Cartwright has announced that, “Within a year, FCS capabilities will begin to be integrated into the current force through our Evaluation Brigade Combat team. The EBCT will provide a structure that will allow us to test, validate and then deliver to our Soldiers new capabilities that are specifically designed to address 21st century threats.”  Increased spending on unmanned ground and aerial vehicles has also been implemented, thus promising that fewer and fewer American lives will be placed in direct danger on the battlefield.

            All of these developments reinforce the fact that the Army recognizes soldiers as the most valuable asset.  As such, it must ensure that these soldiers receive the best training and equipment necessary.

As the United States becomes more involved with acts to combat terrorism on a global scale, so will the involvement of American soldiers overseas.  While much of the military spending has been geared towards the safety of American soldiers on foreign soil, the deployment of live troops on the battle field or their exposure to potentially fatal situations remains inevitable.  There is still not enough funding to fully remove the life hazard that these American soldiers are faced with out there in the battle zones.

            This large military spending by the United States has been argued by some as unnecessary and unproductive.  It has been argued that this can be used to finance infrastructure projects in the United States or be diverted to healthcare.  Yet, as the 9/11 attacks have shown, such an expense is necessary when the enemy is capable of attacking Americans in their own homes.  The best answer against that threat is the United States military and the brave soldiers who defend the United States against these terrorists.  As such, the safety of these men and women must be ensured by giving them the best training and equipment possible.

            The challenge that remains for the United States Military lies not in avoiding conflict zones or situations, since history has time and again shown this to be inevitable, but ensuring that the American soldiers that are deployed to these areas have the best training and equipment necessary to not only resolve the conflict as fast as possible but also prevent the loss of American lives.



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