The United States From 1877 Until Today Essay

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The United States From 1877 Until Today

Looking back through time from the year, 1877 until today there’s clearly many changes that have taken place in society, such as cultural, political and economical trends that have affected American’s as a whole. Since the year 1877, we learn that change is inevitable and we notice how Americans changed with the times as a unit. Culturally, many have adopted new ways of thinking such as people’s views on women in the work place, voting and becoming a more important part of building America.

Politically, we also can see where women have come a long way as we realize that not only can a woman vote but she can also run for the title of President of the United States of America. Economically, women have engaged in the workforce in our country and have challenged for their right not only to vote and run for office but to also make a decision on whether they desire to take part in these huge changes that have brought us so far in history, since the year 1877. I’ve learned from this that women have changed but remain with their original values but have grown.

Just as there have many changes in society over a century, there also remain constant features in society that haven’t changed such as women staying home with their families and not working and being economically capable of sustaining life because they choose to live with their husbands who support their families just as the usual traditions in American history since the year 1877 as our government supports their decisions, still.

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