The United States education Essay

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The United States education

I studied in Korea for 14 years. But, now I have been studying in US. Knowledge of the United States education can be helped to understand US culture. There are similarities and differences between Korea and US educations. Korea and US educations have similarities. First, we study almost the same subjects like English, Math, Science, and P. E. So some Korean students who had studied in Korea’s school can understand pretty well in USA College, even though their English skill is not so high.

Second, Korea and USA classroom have almost the same equipment (especially college). There are chairs and desks, blackboard, chalks, and backboard for some notices. However, both educations have a lot of differences. First, Korea’s class is bigger than US class. Korea’s class usually has 40~50 students. But US class has just 15~20 students. So US teachers have more attention than Korea teachers to the students.

Second, Most Korean students usually studied alone in the classes. But, now we have to discuss with our classmates in US classes. Discussions require to student more activity. So most American students are more activity than Korean students. Finally, the biggest difference between Korea and the United States is teacher’s teaching skills. Most Korean teachers want to memorize the textbook for all students. So, Korean students try to memorize the textbook.

But US teachers require summarizing information from textbook. US teaching skill help students to be more creative and active. In conclusion, US education requires to students to be creative and active but, Korea education want to be same for all the students. That makes competition between students. This competition can be helpful, but actually it makes a lot of problem. Korea education has to change more creative and active like US education.

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