The Uniform Compulsion Rule Essay

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The Uniform Compulsion Rule

High-School is the greatest point in our life. It is the time of growth as well as challenges too. Completing my high-school studies from Guinness Int’l Higher Secondary School which is located at Kathmandu, Nepal was one of the memorable experience of my life. As a high-school student there, I get to enjoy and utilize different range of facilities like extra curriculum activities, computer lab, library, sports etc. which helped me a lot throughout my studies too.

However, I still remember going to Guinness High School wearing the same compulsory school uniform or dress which I particularly dislike the most. Therefore, If I could change one thing about my high school then it would definitely be the uniform compulsion rule which was like a headache to every student. At Guinness High School, every student arrive at the school corridor at 11 am wearing the same uniform provided by the school administration which makes it easier for other people to know easily that he/she is a student of Guinness. Well, every student would look smart in school uniform however this particular rule deprives the student from their individuality.

Every student have their own unique sense of style through which they can express themselves or reflect their personality. # 2 If a student wears accessories and tight pants or shorts then we can know that the student is open-minded, confident and fashionable. And If the student is confident then he/she can develop positive attitude toward herself and studies. This can also help teachers to know about the qualities and characteristics of students. But, this rule creates restriction among students from such opportunities to express themselves through their dressing style. Therefore, I believe that

students should be allowed to wear whatever they want to just like in Northwest Missouri State University. The compulsory uniform of Guinness High School was dark brown in color which includes a blazer, a pair of shirt, a pair of pants and a tie with black shoes. To be honest, the material and quality of that uniform was not so good and the stitching was also bad. Some students also complained about the uniform being very big or not fitting according to their size. During my high school years there, I also got a big blazer which didn’t fit me and I used to feel very

uncomfortable in it that I wish winter don’t come so that I won’t have to wear it. But, I still had to wear it as it was a compulsion. Other students also felt uncomfortable and unwillingness to wear those uniforms. Also, if one don’t feel comfortable in their uniform then they can’t concentrate on their studies properly too. Therefore, I think this rule should be changed as such uncomfortableness can also possibly create negative impact on mental health of teenagers like depression. When I was walking down the stairs at my high-school, I saw one boy doing up and down catching his ear.

I approached near him and asked, “Why was are you doing that? ”. Then he replied,” I got this punishment for not wearing school uniform. ” Well, he surely was embarrassed to be seen doing such punishment by me. At Guinness High-School, when students don’t wear uniform, they # 3 would get different punishments from teachers which may include physical too like scoldings, up and down, beating on hand or leg with a thick stick, expelled from school etc. In my point of view, it’s very bad and unfair to punish someone for just wearing something in which they feel good and comfortable.

That’s violation of right and freedom of a student because every student has their own sets of rights and the teachers can’t simply punish them just for not wearing the uniform. That doesn’t even make sense as students come there for learning something and getting good education and wearing a school uniform can’t guarantee that the student will get good grades. Therefore, the rule should be removed so that innocent students can be saved from such cruel punishments. Most of the students at Guinness come from medium class family and not all of the students had good economic condition in their family.

As these high-school uniforms cost very expensive, it creates problem and adds extra burden for such students who can’t even afford their regular home clothes. Such students mostly become the victim of physical punishments because they cannot buy the uniform and they can’t concentrate on their studies and sometimes have to give up on their studies too. Therefore, the school administration should take a look at these problems created by the uniform compulsion rule in students’ life and try to solve it either by removing the rule, making the uniform cheaper or by allowing students to wear their regular clothes.

Every students have their right to choose what to wear and experience their freedom of expressing themselves through their own sense of dressing. After all, high school is the place where we can learn different things which help students like us to find a particular path to pursue our dreams. # 4 Therefore, students should be allowed to wear whatever they like or they feel comfortable in as a uniform shouldn’t be a matter to deprive students from learning something. Hence, Guinness High School should make uniform as an exception not a compulsion.

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