The Unexpected Man By Yasmina Reza Essay

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The Unexpected Man By Yasmina Reza

The author of the play Yasmina Reza was known for her talent in making effective use of metaphors as major source of emotional indications between the acts of characters that primarily identifies the uniqueness of her works. The Unexpected Man then directly shows this particular characteristic of Yasmina’s writing. Her talent and skills in making the characters of the story more vivid and their relationship with each other quite obvious even when they were not supposed to have met yet have made this particular play a successful presentation of the possibilities of fate.
Most likely, the man [the writer] and the woman [the aficionada] have had their own dealings in life even before they have met.

Their visions of life and their opinions about the world, about society, about humor and other things have actually been already established even before they were able to meet each other. On the contrary, both characters affected each other’s life as they met one another. Their lives, their ideas and their opinions were greatly affected by each other’s values. It could not be denied then that Reza aims to state the obvious situation between couples as they meet each other only in a different concept of presenting the details.

The occurrences in the play pertain to the actual possibilities that may happen between a man and woman when they meet. The fact that they are two different people, it could be noted that they do have different individualities that shapes the person that they are. However, because of the love that begins to exist between them, the possibility of adjusting to each other’s values is not impossible. Most likely, it is the most common occurrence that can happen in their lives. It is certainly something ordinary but simply exquisite as it defines the art of loving and being loved.

Yasmina Reza. Unexpected Man. Royal Shakespeare Company . The Pit, Barbican Centre, London, 8 April 1998.

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