The Unexpected Essay

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The Unexpected

She opened the mail box, as she expected there is a letter lying in there waiting for her to pick it up. She walked into the house, trying to find the paper knife to unseal the letter. You can obviously see the letter it’s been carefully wrapped by the back of a poster, and you can clearly see the picture on the back side. Finally Julia saw the paper knife is hidden under Lydia’s little “baby”, it’s a teddy bear stuffy, but in Lydia’s mind, that’s her little girl. Julia yelled:”Lydia, why is the paper knife is under the teddy? What did you do with that? Didn’t I tell that knifes are dangerous?””But mommy, my baby is sick, she needs a surgery, and you weren’t home, so I just did it by myself. ” Lydia murmured, that’s what she always does when she realize if something seems not quite right. Julia picked the paper knife up and sat down, cut the envelope open, and the neat writing reminds her 3 years ago, when she just got divorced with Joe, her ex-husband. Joe and Julia met when they were so young, and at the moment they met they knew each other was the one, soon after 5 years of relationships; they got engaged on Julia’s 26th birthday.

And after 51 weeks little Julia was born. Everything seems so perfect until Julia found out sometimes when Joe had couple of beers he will be so rude to them, he would even swear to littlie Lydia, she finally had enough and signed the divorce paper, she asked for nothing but Julia. Because after she became a mother, she became more sensitive, she will do anything to protect her, that’s her job and also her mother of nature. Joe is so mad at Julia; he thinks he loves little Lydia just as much as Julia does, even more than her. But apparently as mom Julia doesn’t think so, she forced Joe to live, she reported the local child protective service, and the local newspaper had Joe on their headline. Because it’s a small town and Joe is someone in this town, so he was so humiliated. He couldn’t help the anger on him:”hey Julia, what goes around comes around, what you have done to me someday you will get to pay for this! Julia and Lydia finally got some peaceful at home, in a beautiful Sunday afternoon, Julia and Lydia cuddling in the couch watching the new:”Sichuan earthquake or had a deadly earthquake that measured at 8.0-7.9 at .1:09; 56-6:28 0n Monday. Killing an estimated 68,000 people.”

Then the news switches to a video of how people are doing in Sichuan, the remains of the building, the searching team searching for survivors. Julia looks so sad; her tears are trembling in her eyes. She cried:”oh my god, we’ve got save these kids. Come on, let’s go online and find out if there is any way we can help them!” so they went on the internet found a list of children with names, address, pictures and about their situations. They saw a young boy is about 16; his name is Qiuqiu, his dad passed away when he was 5 because of kidney cancer, his mom raised him by herself, and it was a tough life. His mom died during the earthquake, when the earthquake happens, and they were having a nap. And as soon as the earthquake happens, his mom ran into his room, woke him up, and dragged him into a corner where there is a closet so it keeps a Seismic safety triangle. But they waited too long until the rescue team comes, and so his mom couldn’t holding it up, finally she left before he does.

And there is another girl who is a friend of Qiuqiu, she is one year older than Qiuqiu, her name is fang, and she is an orphan, she was in a orphanage, but because she is quite old for someone to adopt her, because people usually likes the little one, so they will only remember their foster parents instead of birth parents. So she before the earthquake she was living with one of the nurse in the orphanage. But unfortunately she died in the debris flow that was caused by the earthquake. Julia chose them immediately, and then she decided to invite them to stay with them for a week. Julia wrote a long letter to them, she wrote down how sorry she is about Qiuqiu’s mom, and she understands that how hard it must to being a single mom. And also she wrote to fang, that if she wants to stay in Beijing for good, she is always welcome to stay in her house, if she wants it, Julia can help her to find a perfect job for her.

And Lydia drew a picture of their beautiful condo in with lots of high buildings around. Julia is back with her flashback, and she gingerliness unfolds the letter:” Dear Julia and little Lydia, this is Qiuqiu and fang. Right now we are living together with all the children that lost their families in the earthquake. Lots of people came to visit us, and they were so nice. They brought us foods and daily necessities. Some couples came here adopted some younger kids. We are living like a big family, and we are enjoying this. Just yesterday, Papa Jingtao came to visit us, we called him papa Jingtao, because he doesn’t look that serious when we saw him on TV, not at all. He sang with us, he told us fun stories about when he was young. And we decided not to go to Beijing yet, we thought it might be fun if we work and finish school at the same time, we will go to universities in Beijing, and then we can meet up what do you think? Please say hi to little Lydia, we really love her drawings! …..” and they talked so much about the local government built a temporary school for them so they can study while everything is on construction.

So they kept writing to each other on and on, and Lydia is the one always wanted to contact with them, she said:”they are like my big brother and sister, and I just can’t wait to meet them.” Then Julia would send them checks as well, so Qiuqiu and fang will finish their school by that. They always talk about the cities are getting back together, and there is a new restaurant just opened, and there is a big shopping mall just opened. But they always just looked inside behind the door, because they don’t have money to afford anything. They are still kids, they are easy to satisfy. It was like the blink of an eye, suddenly two years has past, and Lydia just turned her 7th birthday, Julia decided to make a birthday cake for Lydia, they got all the ingredients ready, and Julia suggested:”do you want to go to the mail box check if there is a letter from your brother and sister? ” So little Lydia went to the mail box, and what she brought back was a letter from Julia’s boss.

“Dear Julia, I’m sorry to tell you this, but we already found a girl that will fit right in your position, she just graduated from a famous medical school. And I believe she will do a better job than you, after I talked to Joe last night, I realized maybe you should fins somewhere to continue your job…..” Julia got angered, and she couldn’t finish reading the letter, she cannot believe her boss fired her through email. But she couldn’t show it that how angry she is, she just acted normal, because she doesn’t want to ruin her little girl’s birthday. At night, after she put Lydia to bed, she called Joe immediately, “what did you say to my boss exactly?” Joe giggle on the other side of the phone: “I didn’t say anything other than how you feel about your boss, and how you can’t wait to leave there for good. Hey don’t be mad, I was just helping you out. Oh forgot to tell you, I’m taking the house back tomorrow. So you better start packing up now, in case you won’t get any time for tomorrow!”Then he hanged up the phone before Julia was going to say something.

And there is only one sentence in her head” what am I going to do? What am I going to do? What am I going to do? She is so perplexed; she lost her job and her house just like that, through a letter and a phone call. After she finished worrying about all of those furniture and clothes, she started worrying about Qiuqiu and Fang, now she doesn’t has any incomes, and she is never that kind of person would have money in the saving account for the future uses. She used to have like the best job in the world except a noisy boss, but with high pay that’s fine, with that she can afford Qiuqiu and fang’s school fees and herself with Lydia’s cost of livings. But now what is she supposed to do. She has to find a job that gets quick money, also she has to find a place to live that’s the most important thing.

And she couldn’t fall asleep at night. She keeps thinking about Qiuqiu and fang, can they still go to school without her financial supports? Then she decided to keep supporting them with money, she tried to find a job that is as good as the one she had before, but it wasn’t easy. So she can only find some waiters job and babysitting. Lydia couldn’t understand the change in a sudden, she just keeps asking Julia what is going wrong, Julia just said:”oh don’t worry honey, it’s just a life experiencing.” And Lydia thought her mommy is still working as a dentist that’s been respected by lots of people, actually right now Julia is working as a waitress where she meets lots of drunk and rude people, but she doesn’t want to tell her little girl, She wants Lydia still lives in the fairy tale. In the main time, she still keeps sending checks to Qiuqiu and fang, she use those inspiring words to encourage them, herself as well. She is so appreciated that Qiuqiu and fang didn’t complain the money is less than before, they are still grateful about how much Julia did to her.

And finally Qiuqiu and fang are coming to visit them, they came to Beijing a year ago, but Qiuqiu thinks it’s better If they start their career first, and when they go visit Julia. They don’t want let Julia down, both of them are so good at art. When they first came here, they found some agencies to sell their work. People were so touched by their completely fresh and clean painting, they were so popular. People would spend so much money for their work, so they soon became rich. But they are still receiving money from Julia, they don’t use it, they use that to help other kids that couldn’t afford the school fees. And finally they decided to go visit Julia and Lydia. So they sent a letter to Julia, they asked for Lydia’s address, but they didn’t say when they are coming. It still made little Lydia jumped, she finally get to meet her “brother and sister”. On a beautiful Sunday with sunshine, and gentle breeze, Qiuqiu and Fang rang the door bell of Julia’s house. Julia didn’t know who that is, but her heart started beating so fast, she got so excited suddenly, “coming!” she looked through the peep hole, she see two young people standing outside, with lots of shopping bags on their hands. She suddenly has this weird feelings, she can feel that they are Qiuqiu and Fang.

She opened the door, and yelled:”Lydia! Come come! Look who’s here!” and then she asked gently:” you are Qiuqiu and Fang right? ” they smiled happily and nodded, both of them can’t believe their life saver and their “family” is standing right in front of them, and here comes a young girl with beautiful long dark silky hair, she is so pretty, she is blinking those two bambi eyes at these strangers. But she doesn’t feel nervous at all, she feels like she knew them long time ago. And then Lydia said:”hey honey, come meet Qiuqiu and Fang” Lydia jumped onto Fang, and Fang held her then she circled around. Lydia couldn’t help, she cried so much, and Qiuqiu came and hugged her, they look so happy and they are a family. Julia invited them in, Qiuqiu and Fang told Julia about the gallery, and Lydia told her situation of how she was struggling about the finance problem, but she doesn’t want Qiuqiu and Fang’s dream, so she just worked even harder.

During the talk they laughed, cried, they don’t feel strange to each other at all. And Fang asked:” after how much we’ve been through, I and Qiuqiu are getting married, because we were always there for each other, and we decided to be together. We bought a house with 3 bedrooms, we really want you to come live with us, you’ve done so much for us and right now it’s about time for us to return the favor. Please please say yes!” Julia couldn’t believe they are getting married and she cried because of the happiness, the little Lydia couldn’t wait, she jumped and yelling” Yes! Yes!” so Julia said:”we are going home, honey!” and so then, they lived happily ever after.

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