The Unemployment Rate Of Malaysi Economics Essay

In between 2007 to 2011, planetary economic system faces impairment in growing that affected by the subprime mortgage job and following with the planetary fiscal crisis. Harmonizing to World Economic Situation and Prospects 2012 ‘s study, it stated that the developing states unemployment rates are returned to or below pre-crisis rates compared to the developed states which persistent high unemployment still exists after the oncoming of the Great Recession for three old ages. Furthermore, youth unemployment becomes higher. However, an appraisal of 64 million occupations demands to be created and the most of the new occupations are paid at a degree that below mean rewards in order to convey back pre-crisis employment in 2011.

The labour market has been boosted up during the twelvemonth due to the positive economic growing in Malaysia. Labor force achieved at 11.8 million individuals while 11.4 individuals are hired. The unemployment rate lessenings from 3.3 % to 3.2 % which the economic system reached the full-employment with the status where the higher demand for labours and lower retrenchments during the twelvemonth.

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The layoffs were largely taken in the lower-skilled occupations.

The labour market of Malaysia was stable, despite the planetary economic system experienced a recession in the 2nd half-year that caused by the subprime mortgage job, and higher oil monetary values. This is because of supported by robust domestic demand which led to the growing of private ingestion and strong investing. When the higher the domestic demand with the nowadays of investing in the economic system, the higher demand for labour in both private and public sectors with the little addition in salary.

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In contrast, a weaker external environment affected the export-oriented industries which contributed to the export growing. Higher oil monetary values and lower planetary demand led to the higher of cost of production. The export sectors carry out the retrenchment to cut down the production cost as a short-term scheme. Therefore, layoffs still existed in the labour market during the twelvemonth with the lowest ratio relation to the unemployment rate.

ANALYSIS Year 2008

Labor market conditions reinforced by the strong economic activities during the first half of 2008 and began diminution in the 2nd half of the twelvemonth due to diminish in external demand. As a consequence, the unemployment rate increased from 3.2 % in 2007 to 3.3 % in 2008, as the entire labour force and the figure of employed workers expanded at a moderate gait.

The planetary economic system was confronting intense inflationary force per unit areas in the first half-year and followed by the planetary fiscal crisis in the 2nd half-year. However, the Malaysia economic system growing remained positive due to the strong in both public and private ingestion, despite the export-oriented industries weakened by the diminution in the planetary demand and lifting in trade good monetary values. As the consequence, labour market conditions started to weaken by a little addition in the unemployment rate and retrenchment that the houses willing to cut down the cost of production.

Furthermore, the deteriorating planetary economic environment caused the private investing activities slow down. By the lifting monetary values of input or natural resources, houses willing to cut down their production cost through layoffs. Peopless who lose their occupation are difficult to last with the high life cost, non to advert affect in private investing activities. The lower the private investing, the lower the average flow of the domestic economic system that led to the higher rising prices rate by cut downing production. A circulation caused to more serious unemployment rate.

ANALYSIS Year 2009

The labour market conditions worsen due to the 2008 international fiscal crisis that led to the important recession of the planetary economic system during the twelvemonth. The impact of the crisis was seen in the first one-fourth of the twelvemonth such as a crisp lessening in private sector demand. As the consequence, the unemployment rate increased to 3.7 % , as the addition of the entire employment was slower compared to the entire labour force. Furthermore, the cardinal bank of Malaysia stated that: “ aˆ¦ entire retrenchments increased to a seven-year high of 25,064 personsaˆ¦ ” ( Bank Negara, 2010 ) .

Not merely planetary demand, but domestic demand experienced the impairment due to the crisis. These affected the employment, income and followed by worsening in private ingestion and private investing. Therefore, all industries try to minimise the loss and the production cost by cut downing production and carried out the higher degree of retrenchment compared to old old ages. Besides, they besides try to reapportion resources depended on the current planetary and domestic demand. At the clip, the supply of labour was higher than the demand of labour in the labour market. Peoples were difficult to happen a occupation. Therefore, a serious excess of labour existed.

However, the application of financial stimulation steps, the combatant moderation of pecuniary policy and the inclusive steps carried out to stabilise the domestic economic system during the twelvemonth. Furthermore, the expended public ingestion policy led to a encouragement in private ingestion and private investing. These were straight helped to better labour market conditions by cut down the excess of unemployment.

ANALYSIS Year 2010

Labor market conditions recovered partly in 2010 as shown in higher occupations provided, employment degree, and lower retrenchments compared to the twelvemonth of 2009. The entire employment of workers increase rapid than the entire labour force. The unemployment rate declined from 3.7 % of the labour force in 2009 to 3.5 % in 2010.

The economic system of Malaysia experienced a recovery of growing, as the consequences of the implement of assorted types of steps in the 2nd half-year of 2009. The recovery growing was driven by robust domestic demand and private ingestion and led to the betterment in labour market conditions. The higher vacancies provided reflected a positive growing of the labour market conditions.

The planetary economic system started to retrieve from a recession that supported by the on-going financial stimulation and stock list restocking. However, the slower betterment in planetary demand caused a moderate gait of the production for the export-oriented industries. Therefore, the increase of employment degree of these industries still limited.

The populace sector continued to play a major function to beef up the domestic economic system through the carried out of steps to further construct up of substructure. These were led to more vacancies to be offered and higher the demand of labour. In peculiar, the public ingestion improved the labour public assistance with addition of rewards, despite there were inflationary force per unit areas towards the trade good monetary values, particularly nutrient monetary values. In add-on, it besides boosted the productiveness of the economic system.

ANALYSIS Year 2011

In 2011, labour market conditions improved as the unemployment rate declined from 3.5 % in the old twelvemonth to 3.1 % of the labour force. It has achieved the lowest degree of unemployment since twelvemonth 2004. Besides, the houses provided higher vacancies compared to last twelvemonth.

Although the planetary environment became more ambitious with the Japan ‘s natural catastrophes in March, the autonomous debt crisis in the Euro state and the downgrade of the US crowned head recognition evaluation in August, the Malayan economic system recorded a robust growing that is driven by a strong growing of domestic demand and higher public ingestion, followed by the betterment in labour market conditions.

Japan ‘s temblor and tsunami caused a serious atomic crisis that non merely resulted in breaks of power supply, but besides led to major uncertainnesss in fabrication industries, in peculiar, the breaks in the planetary fabrication supply concatenation. The planetary fiscal crisis indicated a slow gait of recovery from the recession by lower investing activities to be carried out.

However, the high grade of dependence on domestic demand and public ingestion has improved the labour market conditions that registered to pre-recession record, as low degree of unemployment. Several undertakings carried out under the Economic Transformation Program ( ETP ) had improved private investing that led to domestic-oriented industries in order to stronger the labour market conditions.


The unemployment rate is a major issue of planetary economic that concern worldwide. The unemployment rate is demoing the ratio of the sum of unemployment relation to the entire labour force of one state.

Between the old ages 2007 to 2011, the planetary environment experienced a recession. The Malayan economic system had besides influenced the impacts from the external factors that led to diminutions of the labour market conditions. The higher unemployment rate and increases the figure of retrenchment in overall industries either in the domestic-oriented industries or export-oriented industries.

Public sector played a important function to stabilise the labour market conditions by beef uping the economic system of Malaysia through the public ingestion. The public ingestion such the executions either financial or pecuniary policy, farther construct up of substructure, assorted undertakings were carried out under the Economic Transformation Program ( ETP ) and others. These steps led to a stronger and stable domestic demand. In add-on, these encouraged to the private investing. As the consequence, the labour market remained at strong conditions as the unemployment rate registered the pre-crisis record.

In decision, there has a close economic relationship between each state due to the globalisation. Therefore, we should set more attempts to stronger our domestic economic system compares to the planetary economic system.

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