The Underlying Truth Behind the Disasters of the Families Essay

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The Underlying Truth Behind the Disasters of the Families

People today are facing the most devastating effects of both advancement and social progress. Gone are the days when the families are noted as the hiding place for the afflicted. Most of the time, reports that are passed on in television, in the radio, in papers and now in the Internet are sourced out from the ones who are maltreated, those who are abused by people in their own homes. Yes, the problem is rising and the victims are increasing every year. The issue on individual abuse becomes one of the menaces in the society that appears to be much hard to deal with.

How then are these victims cared for? How are they protected and how are they later on treated for them to be able to move on with their lives? These questions and other more information shall be the basis of the study that follows herein. Through the researches that have been further collected by the author and the online interview and survey method that shall be utilized as well by the author, the needed data for this particular study would be collected in order to arrive in a much more valid and practical conclusion.

-i- Domestic Abuse: The Underlying Truth Behind the Disasters of the Families Chapter 1: Introduction “Abuse” is a term that is believed to be an overloaded description of the actual situation that is happening in the society right now. It could be observed that through the years, the number of individuals being victimized by the said dilemma are undeniably increasing making the word “abuse” not just a word but one among the many things that people within the human society fear most.

Significance of the Study There is an important factor that defines studying social dilemma as one of the most important issues that need to be dealt with by the experts who are concerned of primarily assisting the human society in recovering from the said factors of distress. Concerning the fact that cases of abuse affect the whole human community in many ways, it is indeed necessary to understand why and how abusive acts actually develop.

The reasons behind the developments of the said situation and the effects that it leaves towards its victims would actually help in identifying which type of treatment actually fits the situation best. The victims are the main reasons why there exist some certain support groups and NGO’s that are devoted to focusing themselves in helping the people understand why and how they could help those who are primarily afflicted by the said social malady.

It is the expectation of the researcher of this study to help the people understand the roots of the major advancing process by which abusive acts increase every year. More than simply understanding the roots of the problem, this research also aims to make possibilities by which the said situation could be treated well by the authorities who are supposed to be involved within the treatment of the said social issue. To understand the objectives further, the following list shall enlighten the vision of the readers with regards the said purposes of the commencement of this particular study.

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