The Underlying Benefits of a College Degree Essay

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The Underlying Benefits of a College Degree

We can all recognize the obvious benefits of obtaining a college degree — job opportunities and higher earning potential. But oftentimes we overlook or under appreciate the underlying benefits of earning a college degree. However, if you take a closer look at the “hidden” benefits, you will likely realize that earning a college degree is not completely about financial enrichment. Earning a degree could potentially boost your self-esteem, allow you to make healthier choices, and create a better quality of life for your children.

You know the feeling you get when you finally reach your lifelong goal? Priceless, right? That’s exactly what earning a college degree can do for you. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and self confidence that everyone strives for. Not only that, but you have accomplished something that will always be yours and that you will always be able to fall back on in tough economic times.

In addition to the boost of confidence, you will likely be able to make more healthy choices than you would without a degree. Generally, this is due to an increase in income which then leads to an overall greater access to healthy food options and health care. Plus, with higher education comes the desire and ability to make healthier choices such as whether or not to smoke.

Finally, the greatest benefit of getting a degree is knowing that your children will have a better quality of life and may even follow in their parents’ footsteps and choose to further their education as well. Even if your children don’t wish to go to college, they will be more motivated to reach for their goals just as you have. In a sense, you have set the standards for them by achieving your dream of obtaining a college degree. You have given them an example to follow by setting a goal and achieving it.

Although financial stability is one of the main reasons people choose to obtain a degree, there are many other benefits. You better yourself through boosted self-esteem and improved decision-making ability, which also enhances the lives of your children.

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