The U.S. Market Essay

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The U.S. Market

The U.S. market is in need of a solution to help its fluctuating business cycles since the September 11th event. We must address the issues without breaking or triggering a recession that could harm our progress. According to the post, the Federal Reserve banking system should implement a strategy where they increase interest rates to create equilibrium of spending.

As the country reaches a standpoint of security, more emphasis should be placed on the economical functions of purchases. The real estate industry has benefited from these changes greatly, but the interest rates on loans could slow down the trend. We need some kind of authorities handling of the business cycle in order to move forward with more efficiency. The increase of interest rates will play a great role in re-arranging the current position of the U.S. market.

The first role includes slowing down the sales in real estate which will guarantee more work for the building industry and manufacturers. This allocation or redirection for substitutions may increase the spending on contractors in need of employment. It also gives presents an avenue in which manufacturers will produce more materials for building homes across the nation. Now, this is only a theory but it is possible that the substitutions could ease the pains of high interest rates that cause homebuyers to clench. This is not a way to scare them from purchasing a home, but it is a way for them to find another way to buy their new home successfully while helping the economy.

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