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The typography used on the word ‘helpline’ Essay

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The font is the same throughout the ad but the size is different. The main question asked in the ad is ‘what do you know about cocaine?’ This is put in a bigger font size in the whole ad and it goes through both pages to make it stand out. The colour of the font is white throughout the ad apart from the drugs Help-line, which is in yellow writing on a black background. This is because it is trying to make the number stand out at you in the dark. This could also symbolise the fact the most people take drugs in the dark or the colour black could symbolise death. The typography used on the word ‘helpline’ has a question mark replacing the letter P. This is used to catch the reader’s attention if they are skim reading the ad and once the reader’s attention has been caught, the phone number is directly under the question mark.

The telephone number is in a larger size font than the website. This is because the advertiser wants the reader to use the phone and explain their problems and have assistance with what they can do. If they made the website stand out most teenagers could go onto it but then think ‘I have better things to do.’ However, they do want to have a website for people who may feel more comfortable going on the Internet, but the whole point of the ad is to advertise the Help-line.

This ad is definitely aimed at teenagers or people who are in their early twenties. This is because the ad has got pictures of teenagers and what they think of drugs. There is a good chance that the teenagers who take drugs can relate to this ad because the opinions of the men in the advert are common opinions on what most teenagers think of the effects of drugs. You can also easily tell the ad is aimed for teenagers because the pictures are taken at a disco, the main place where teenagers go. Not only that but you can also see teenagers in the background drinking and dancing.

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The overall message of the ad is quite simple; don’t take cocaine and if you are not sure what the effects of them are, call the National Drugs Helpline and who will tell you all the facts. The lifestyles that the ad seems to suggest after you have cocaine this can cause you being scruffy, getting paranoid weeks after taking cocaine and you can’t sleep hence the women’s opinion of drugs in the ad. The message that the ad is trying to get across to the reader is don’t believe what your friends say about drugs and find out the actual facts before you take them.

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