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The two worlds in the poems Essay

The poems I am comparing are “presents from my aunts in Pakistan by Moniza Alvi”, “two scavengers in a truck, two beautiful people in a Mercedes by Lawerence Ferlinghetti and “nothing’s changed by Tatamkhulu Afrika”. All these three poems compare two different worlds. The poem by Moniza Alvi compares the Asian traditions and the western traditions. The poem by Tatamkhulu Afrika compares how white people and black people where treated in Africa after a war. The poem by Lawerence Ferlinghetti compares the world between rich, wealthy people and the poor people in San Francisco.

The poem “Nothing’s changed” is written by a poet who returns to his homeland after a part of the country was declared as “whites only”. The country that the poet calls his homeland is now destroyed and the poet expresses the anger he felt when the place was first destroyed. He now sees new restaurants which look expensive and stylish with a guard at the gatepost. And further down the road he sees a working men’s cafi?? where people eat without plates from a plastic tabletop.

This situation makes him really angry because the white people were seated inside the exclusive restaurant with its ice white glasses and single rose on the table while the black people in Africa ate on plastic table top and wiped their hands on their jeans. The poem is set out in six stanzas and each of the stanzas consists of eight lines which are fairly short. Stanza one consists of a single sentence and it describes what the sees when he first walks into the country that was his homeland “… cans trodden on crunch in tall purple flowering, amiable weeds”.

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This shows how the poet feels when he sees his homeland. The second stanza has a repetition of “and” and it also shows that the poet feels the racial separation in this country in every bone in his body, eg “my feet know, and my hands, and the skin about my bones”. The remaining paragraphs explain the poet’s feelings towards the white people. The title of the poem refers to the wealth of the white people and the poverty of the black people. The poet had obviously hoped that things would change by the time he came back but to his dismay nothing has changed and it seems like that things have gotten worse.

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